Sherin Mathews’ family in Richardson, TX, has not reached out to the public to speak about her disappearance, to ask for help, or to assist in search efforts. Sam and Valsamma Mathews are the three-year-old’s paternal grandparents living in Kochi city, Kerala, India. They have spoken out about their son, Wesley, and their granddaughter, and, so far, exclusively to The News Minute in an interview published today.

In addition to the Mathews relaying information about the missing toddler, the agency that handled the little girl’s adoption in India has also gone public with information about the Mathews family in an interview with the Times of India, which, too, was published today.

Grandparents react with shock over Sherin Mathews’ disappearance

Sherin’s grandparents, Sam and Valsamma, broke the silence by expressing shock that the toddler disappeared, according to The News Minute (TNM), after her 37-year-old father, Wesley Mathews, left his daughter outside by a tree at 3 AM for refusing to drink milk. According to TNM, Sam and Valsamma’s son – who “works with the Citi group” – evidently did not relay to his parents that his little girl was missing.

Sam and Valsamma found out from media that their granddaughter disappeared on the morning of October 7. TNM reported that the couple’s “only source of information” has been the news media.

The grandmother sobbed and was “upset” that one newspaper in India repeatedly reported that her grandchild “was no more.”

Grandmother, grandfather verify toddler was adopted and family loves Sherin

Mathews’ parents verified that Wesley Mathews and his wife, Sini, adopted the toddler after the birth of their older daughter. The Mathews’ four-year-old girl has been removed from the Mathews’ home by Child Protective Services following the disappearance of Sherin.

Her grandfather told TNM that the Mathews family loves the little girl and would “never harm her.” Sam additionally stated that he and Valsamma also love Sherin. He posed a rhetorical question about his son and daughter-in-law, “If they didn’t love her, why would they adopt her?”

Sherin’s grandfather stated that his son “is a good man.” He also said, “He loves his children.” The missing toddler’s grandparents in India stated to TNM that they are “fervently praying for good news.”

India’s state adoption agency also confirmed Texas husband and wife adopted Sherin

Before missing toddler Sherin Mathews was adopted on June 23, 2016, she was known as Saraswati, the Times of India reported.

India’s State Adoption Resource Agency (SARA), in Bihar, confirmed that Wesley and Sini Mathews did adopt the little girl, according to the Times of India (TOI). Sherin was abandoned by her biological family. She was eventually received by the adoption organization on February 14, 2015.

The Mathews adopted the Sherin from a non-governmental organization, Mother Teresa Anath Seva Sansthan, which was located in Nalanda but is now-defunct. Babita Kumari was the organization’s secretary. The child she knew by the name Saraswati “was a little stubborn,” Kumari told the TOI. At the same time, however, she said, “every child has a similar nature.”

Adoption agency secretary spoke of an ‘affectionate’ little girl

Kumari characterized the little girl as “very affectionate” toward a female caretaker known as “nani,” according to the TOI.

She further stated that the toddler waited for the caretaker “on the stairs for several hours.” As soon as “nani” arrived, the little girl ran to embrace the caretaker. The toddler was quiet at first, Kumari said, “but gradually she opened up at the centre.”

Kumari learned of Sherin’s disappearance from her home in Richardson, TX, as did Wesley Mathews’ parents. News media informed her. The TOI reporter who spoke with Kumari told her the news. Anyone with information that can help law enforcement authorities locate three-year-old Sherin Mathews is asked to contact police at (972) 744-4800.