Joe Arpaio was elected as sheriff in 1993. He served in Arizona for 23 years before his dismissal in November 2016. His stance on immigration earned him many enemies. Inmates at his prison reportedly had to wear pink undergarments. They were also forced to sleep in his Tent City jail. Although many citizens demonstrated against his controversial stance, he managed to find an ally in Donald Trump. Arpaio was even a guest speaker at the recent 2016 Republican National Convention.

Challenges loom after Trump's pardon

Federal Judge Susan R. Bolton dismissed the criminal case against Joe Arpaio, on Wednesday.

The ex-Arizona lawman is now free of the charges that were brought against him. Jack Wilenchik, Arpaio's lawyer said the judge had rejected the previous order to vacate the conviction. Then Donald Trump, according to sources, asked Jeff Sessions if it was possible to dismiss the case. However, Sessions had advised him against it. The president, however, used his executive power to pardon the controversial ex-sheriff.

Outcry throughout Capitol Hill had prompted the Democratic party to set up a committee to investigate Trump's executive order. The constitutionality of Joe Arpaio's pardon has since received challenges from several lawmakers. Several lawyers had vowed to have the President's controversial pardon rescinded.

Trump praised Arpaio on tough immigration stance

The United States President said Arpaio is a good man, who had done an excellent job in Arizona. Trump further congratulated Arpaio for being very strong on protecting the US borders. After the pardon, the Justice Department posted a statement on its website. It states pardons cannot expunge criminal convictions from a person's record.

According to Arpaio’s lawyer, the President's pardon came before a rendered sentence. Therefore, the Court should vacate the verdict and dismiss the case without prejudice. And while the Justice Department supports the President, several Democrats had voiced their disagreement with Donald Trump's action.

Donald Trump abused his power?

The former sheriff's pardon had received criticism from outside groups and legal scholars. The Protect Democracy Project director Ian Bassin weighed in on the President's action. Bassin in a report stated that the US leader had abused his power by interfering with the due process of the judicial system.