Torrin Breneman, 12, of Michigan found out what cancer was all about three years ago. The kindhearted kid decided he wanted to do something to help children with the disease, so he grew out his hair over a period of three years, finally donating it to Wigs for Kids in May this year. The organization gives free wigs to children with cancer who have lost their hair through chemotherapy treatment.

However just a few months after his generous act towards children with cancer, Torrin and his family are faced with their own cancer diagnosis as the preteen learns he has stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Father’s worst fears come true with cancer diagnosis

Torrin’s father, Jason Breneman told Today in an interview that his worst fears had come true. Breneman said two weeks after Torrin donated his hair to Wigs for Kids, he read two articles about other kids who had performed the same kind gesture, but had later been diagnosed with cancer. He said at that time he had a “sick premonition” about his own son, that has unfortunately come true. Jason went on to ask why such bad things always seem to happen to nice people.

A bad cough turned out to be something worse

According to a GoFundMe page set up for Torrin, he had been ill with a bad cough which didn’t seem to go away.

He visited the hospital on September 25, where doctors revealed the bad news. They immediately started Torrin on chemotherapy. Sadly the cancer has spread quickly. Jason told People that the preteen has a tumor next to his heart which his doctors say is inoperable. He also has a tumor on each of his lungs, as well as his kidney, liver and stomach and the cancer is also in his bones and his blood.

Jason said Torrin has so many IV drips and so many medications. The preteen boy cannot even lay down property, due to his stomach tumor.

GoFundMe page raising money for the family

The GoFundMe page also states that Jason and Torrin’s mother Carrie Breneman are leaving their full-time jobs to care for Torrin and Julissa, his seven-year-old sister.

Both parents spend most of their time with Torrin at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit, while Julissa has only been able to visit him occasionally.

However, according to the report by Fox 2, there may be some good news, as his cancer does appear to be responding to the chemotherapy. Reportedly the preteen now has around an 80-85 percent chance of surviving the cancer. Anyone who would like to help the family of a boy who did so much for others can visit the GoFundMe page from the link included below.