Former United States labor secretary Robert Reich claims that Donald Trump's time as president will soon end. According to The Independent, a former top Republican official reportedly told Reich that the party members would wait until they pass their tax-reform bill, then move to impeach the president.

Trump is "unfit"

In a post on his Facebook page, the former US official claimed that a former Republican member of Congress revealed to him that they are keeping their fingers crossed that Trump does not do "something stupid before the Tax Bill." Reich posted that he asked the former Senator, who is his close friend, whether other top Republicans could follow Senator Bob Cocker and break ranks with Mr.

Trump. The former Senator replied that other Republicans are thinking about it. He added that many top officials think that the president is "nuts, unfit, and dangerous." According to The Independent, Reich went on to claim his source stated that Donald Trump's attacks on his staff caused them to notice his other controversial actions, such as his threats on North Korea. Reich's friend added that US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson could quit his post if he were not so worried that the president would "go nuclear."

According to Reich, his source voiced his worry over the fact that Trump is not listening to anyone, and that government officials are scared that Trump has control of the country's nuclear codes.

When the former labor secretary asked his source the potential repercussions of Republicans deciding that Trump is unfit to continue serving as the United States President, the reply was that the party's top officials have to bail "to save their skins" and that Trump could be the end of the Republican party.

Trump has courted controversy

Since assuming office in January, Trump has moved from one controversy to the other. He has tried without success to get rid of his predecessor Barack Obama's signature healthcare plan, the Affordable Healthcare Act. The US leader has also been embroiled in a war of words with his North Korean counterpart, Kim Jong-Un.

Recently, he threatened to shut down several news networks in the country, accusing them of spreading fake news. According to Bloomberg, Trump's threats came in response to a story by the NBC, which stated that the billionaire tried to increase the country's nuclear weapons ten times. The NBC quoted three sources that were present when the US president proposed the expansion.

Trump has attempted to take credit for the term "fake news," which is mainly used to describe stories penned by obscure bloggers to spread propaganda during last year's election. Trump uses the term as an insult whenever media houses publish stories critical of his government.