Dr. Pamela Gaudry hails from Savannah, Georgia and was recently on a Delta Air Lines flight from Philadelphia to Atlanta. On arrival at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Saturday, an announcement was made, asking passengers to remain quietly seated as the casket of a fallen soldier was taken off the plane. Gaudry felt she wanted to honor the fallen soldier by singing the National Anthem and attempted to get other passengers to join her, but a flight attendant stopped her, telling her it was against company policy. The airline has since made an apology, which Gaudry has accepted.

Delta passenger found out there was a fallen soldier on board

The Delta flight was carrying the remains of Army Staff Sergeant Dustin Wright, who was one of four U.S. soldiers killed in Niger in the October 4 ambush. The casket was being transported to Wright’s family in Georgia at the time.

According to a report by The Hill, the flight attendant who stopped Gaudry told her foreign passengers on the flight might not be comfortable with her singing the national anthem. Gaudry went on to tell The Associated Press that she couldn’t accept that, saying she wouldn’t be offended if she was in their countries and they did the same.

Gaudry later posted a video to her Facebook page telling the story of how the Delta Air Lines cabin crew member had knelt down beside her seat, informing her she couldn’t sing the national anthem on the plane.

Gaudry said she asked the flight attendant to confirm that she couldn’t sing the national anthem, while the remains of a fallen U.S. soldier was on board the flight and the attendant confirmed it was against Delta’s policy to sing the anthem on the plane.

Passenger feels ‘humiliated’ for backing down

While Gaudry didn’t sing the anthem after that request, she later called it the “most uncourageous” thing she has done in her life, saying she was now “humiliated” for lacking the courage to sing the anthem.

She explained that she herself was the widow of a deceased navy captain. While she added that she wasn’t thrilled about the attention she was receiving for her actions, she does hope the video footage inspires a patriotic and spiritual feeling in the country.

Delta has investigated and apologized to passenger

Delta Air Lines made a statement to say its employees take great pride in the airline’s long-standing support of the U.S.

military. They added that the respectful ceremony held by the Delta Honor Guard is part of their pledge to the armed forces. However, the airline added they have no policy relating to the national anthem. Delta said they reached out to Gaudry and were looking into the situation.

According to the video from Inside Edition below, the airline has since apologized to Gaudry and she has accepted that apology.