The Saugus, Fullerton, Capistrano, and Newport-Mesa Unified School Districts have alerted parents to tell them a performer, associated with Flutes Across the World, a non-profit organization, had distributed flutes that may be contaminated with “bodily fluids,” claimed by some to be semen. However, according to a report by NBC Los Angeles, the incident may involve 13 different Southern California school districts.

As reported by the Orange County Register, the California Department of Justice and several school districts are investigating the unidentified musical performer and teacher, who is suspected of distributing the contaminated instruments.

Flutes may be contaminated with semen

Saugus district Superintendent Joan Lucid wrote in an email Saturday that the contaminatedflute-like” musical instruments are made of bamboo or PVC pipe and were distributed to students during a music lesson.

The story dates back to June when the superintendent of Fountain Valley reported that flutes contaminated with bodily fluid – some colorfully decorated and constructed of wine corks and plastic piping – had been distributed during the 2016-2017 school year to sixth-grade students during music lessons.

The Registrar went on to report that while the Fullerton Police Department was aware of the contaminated flutes, the investigation is being handled by the California Department of Justice.

A spokesperson for the California State Attorney General’s office said on Friday that they are working together with local law enforcement and the school districts concerned to collect all the flutes.

Parents react to the news

NBC quotes Nate, a concerned parent whose child attends Courreges Elementary School in Fountain Valley.

He said he had taken the flute to the police station on Friday night. While the school had quoted the flutes as having been contaminated with “bodily fluids,” Nate said you have to “read between the lines,” adding it is most likely not sweat. Another parent, who preferred to speak anonymously, said it was “disgusting” and “unreal,” adding it is difficult to fathom it.

Another said it made them sick to their stomach.

Tudi Balta told CBS News in the video below that after she learned the musical instruments may have been contaminated, she took her children to the Fountain Valley police station to hand in two plastic flutes. Balta said her kids had brought the flutes home and were putting their mouths on them, playing them. She said for someone else to contaminate the flutes with bodily fluids was disgusting, adding that her children could have got sick. Her daughter Jianna said it was “scary” and that they shouldn’t have done that, adding that a lot of kids were playing the flutes and could have been hurt.

Unnamed music teacher in custody

While the teacher has yet to be identified as the investigation is pending, an education source confirmed to NBC News that a teacher had been arrested on allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct.