On Thursday, British-based luxury automaker, Aston Martin, unveiled the concept of a submarine at Monaco, which is expected to be launched next year, the Verge reported. The company is popular for its handcrafted cars and cool designs.

James Bond used a submersible Lotus Esprit prop in the movie "The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)," but Aston Martin's new submersible concept would make Bond jealous. Later in 2013, Tesla owner Elon Musk bought Lotus Esprit for $860,000.

The company's new project

Executive vice president of the company Mark Reichman said that the cost of the submarine will be around $4 million.

He further added that the company would not build more than a dozen of subs per year.

Reichman said that only 80,000 cars have been manufactured by the company in its entire career. Aston Martin has been ruling James Bond movies for many years and always astonishes the audience with its looks.

The company has collaborated with Triton submarines, submersibles and yachts manufacturer in Florida, which has been manufacturing luxury submersibles for more than a decade. Both companies will work together on the design and manufacturing of the submersible. The company's new project, known as "Project Neptune," which is a three-person vehicle, consists of a bubble-shaped cabin so that a person can see an underwater view very well.

Aston Martin's submersible boat features

The company said, "Project Neptune is a flagship project for Aston Martin Consulting." Bloomberg reported that the submarine will dive to the maximum depth of 1650 feet and travel with a maximum speed of 3.5 miles per hour. 5.9 feet tall sub will be the smallest and the most light-weighted underwater boat in the world.

The company said that a submarine also has an air conditioning system.

The company has been trying to put its designing efforts in other luxury areas. It has launched a 1000 brake horsepower motorboat, the AM37 with the collaboration of Dutch Yacht Design & Naval Architecture in Netherland, and Quintessence Yachts. The company has also partnered with the Miami-based real estate firm for a waterfront condo in Miami.

Reichman said that the executives of the company have done a research on the purchasing habits of the rich people, and they concluded that many of them are more interested in boating than cars. He called the rich "superyacht people" and noted that they always want to experience something new.