This is not something you want to hear if you have recently used a bathroom at the airport. It has been discovered that soap dispensers in some bathrooms in the North Terminal of Detroit Metropolitan Airport had what has been described as an “unusual substance” in them. While that substance has not been fully identified or tested, it was said to be a man’s “body fluid,” which was apparently not spit. This has led to work for crews at the airport removing soap dispensers in the affected bathrooms with the aim of replacing them with something more tamper-proof.

Male body fluid in airport soap dispensers

Sources told Click on Detroit that while there is no cause for panic over the substance in the soap, it was particularly disgusting. Reportedly only certain bathrooms were affected in the North Terminal, but no bathrooms in McNamara Terminal had been interfered with. The airport said in a statement that their public safety department is currently investigating the “unusual substance” found in some of their soap dispensers in the last week.

The New York Daily News quotes a traveler, Matthew Demers, saying he had just used the men’s bathroom and had washed his hands when he found out about the news.

He said it was a “little disgusting.”

Cleaner claims it must have been done by an airport worker

That report also quotes Jamilia McClendon as telling WJBK that she cleans bathrooms at the airport and believes it could not have been a passenger who interfered with the liquid soap; it had to be an airport worker. McClendon explained that the soap dispensers are hidden under the sink, where a passenger wouldn’t know how to easily access them.

She added that it is pretty disgusting, but said a lot of crazy things going on at the airport. McClendon confirmed that cleaning crews are now taking additional precautions to ensure the soap is what it is supposed to be.

No testing required for bodily fluid

According to Click on Detroit, the substance hasn’t been sent for testing, because it is pretty obvious exactly what that bodily substance is.

However, investigators at the airport don’t believe there is any sinister aspect to the incident, which was probably done by someone with a grudge against the airport, who has access to the restrooms and soap dispensers.

While no testing is being done on the substance, officials for Detroit Metropolitan Airport did say the Airport Authority takes all incidents relating to health and safety very seriously and that investigation into the soap dispenser incident is underway.