A friend of Caleb Sharpe, the shooter who students identify as killing one student and injuring three more at his school on Wednesday, has said the student was obsessed with school shootings. As seen on YouTube videos, it can be seen he was also obsessed with guns.

While not yet officially identified, as reported by the Spokesman-Review, Sharpe is currently in custody and is being held in a juvenile jail after bringing two guns into the Freeman High School in Rockford, Spokane County before opening fire on fellow classmates.

Shooter brought two guns to school

Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich believes it could have been even worse, as one of the two guns the student had tried to fire had jammed. Knezovich said when the first gun jammed, the teen then used his next weapon. One of his classmates approached him in an attempt to calm him, but this led to the student’s death. That student has now been identified as Sam Strahan, who was a friend of Sharpe’s, according to another classmate.

After shooting Strahan (pictured below), Sharpe then carried on shooting in the hallway of the school, leading to three classmates being injured by gunfire.

It was a school custodian who finally talked him down. According to Knezovich, the courageous act by the custodian prevented more bloodshed and most likely saved lives. Shortly after this, a school resource officer managed to take Sharpe into custody.

Injured students in school shooting identified

The three wounded students have now been identified as Gracie Jenson, Emma Nees, and Jordyn Goldsmith.

All three are reportedly in their mid-teens and are in a stable condition in hospital. However, medical staff did confirm that one patient was receiving surgery on Wednesday evening.

Shooter’s YouTube channel shows obsession with guns

As reported by the New York Daily News, Sharpe had a YouTube channel under the name of Mongo Walker, which has now been uploaded as an archive by Christine Weston Chandler.

In one video, titled “The Second Round,” he can be seen playing with guns with a friend. While he fires an Airsoft gun at his friend in a mock execution.

Shooter had a group of close friends

Knezovich said in a press conference that he believed the shooting incident has resulted from bullying. However, KREM2 quotes one of the classmates as saying he had several close friends. He added that Sharpe wanted to be friends with everyone. However, he did add that Sharpe had given his friends notes at the start of the school year, saying he was planning something stupid which could result in him being killed or jailed. The friend also said a school counselor had received at least one of the notes.

Obsessed by school shootings

One friend, Michael Harper, 15, described the student as being funny, nice and weird and he was the one who said Sharpe appeared to be obsessed by school shootings. The Mail Online reports the friend also said he was a huge fan of the TV series “Breaking Bad.”

Following Wednesday’s shooting, Washington Governor Jay Inslee made a written statement to say the incident at Freeman High School was “heartbreaking” and that all Washingtonians were behind the families involved.

Meanwhile, a vigil was held at a church nearby for Strahan, the student who was killed on Wednesday evening. The Spokesman-Review reported the boy had lost his father, Scott Strahan, 49, in a tragic accident earlier in the summer, making the family grieve all the more.

The school announced that classes are canceled for the rest of the week and that counselors will be available to speak to students or their families should they need it.