Clayton and Brittany Cook, a Canadian couple, had just said their vows and after the wedding ceremony headed to a nearby park for a Photo Shoot. Right in the middle of having their wedding photos taken, the hero groom spotted a Young Boy who had fallen into a nearby pond. Without thinking twice, Clayton ran and jumped into the water in his wedding finery to save the young boy. After wedding photographer, Darren Hatt posted images he had captured of the moment to his Facebook page, the moment soon went viral.

Groom becomes a hero on his wedding day

The new, happily married couple was enjoying their photo shoot in Victoria Park in Kitchener, Ontario when it happened. Clayton had already noticed three young children, following them around in the park as Hatt took their wedding photos.

While Brittany was having her solo photos taken, Clayton happened to notice that one of the children had disappeared and decided to investigate, walking over to the pond. It was at that moment he saw the young boy in the water, struggling to swim. Without a moment’s hesitation, the hero groom jumped into the water and grabbed the young boy, bringing him out to safety. Without further ado, Clayton then rejoined his new wife and their photo session continued (wet suit and all), and once it was over, they went on to enjoy their wedding reception.

Facebook post of wedding photos goes viral

When Hatt posted the images to Facebook, telling Clayton “Well done sir!” the photos soon went viral with more than 8,000 reactions and almost 3,000 shares at the time of writing. Many users commented, including Janel Vasquez-Perez, who said the bride is the “luckiest woman” and saying “Bravo” for having such a great instinct.

Others commented to say he must have an angel inside of him. Teri Souza commented that this was the best wedding photo of the lot, telling him “well done.” According to Patricia Pennella, Brittany is a lucky wife, as she married Superman.

The bride already knew her husband was a hero

The bride definitely agreed with the many kind comments, telling the Huffington Post if they hadn’t been in the right place at the right time, things could have gone much differently, possibly even tragically.

Brittany also told CTV that her groom’s actions didn’t really surprise her, saying that was Clay to her and that it was something he would instinctively do, adding that it was almost like fate and that they were meant to be there.