Donald trump went against the wishes of other major nations and refused to acknowledge that Iran is complying with the 2015 nuclear agreement. In Trump's view, Tehran is led by a "fanatical regime" that is spreading death and destruction around the world. According to The Independent and The New York Times, Trump stated that the nuclear deal is one of the worst that the United States has ever signed.

Iron out the flaws in Iran nuclear deal

Despite his apparent ire towards Iran,Trump, however, did not wholly scrap the nuclear agreement. Explaining his decision, the Republican said that he wants his government to work with the US Congress and other world powers to iron out what he described as the deal's "many serious flaws." He said that should make the efforts to achieve a more satisfactory fail; he will then move to terminate it.

Trump added that the Iran nuclear accord will remain under continuous assessment and that he reserves the power to end his country's participation in it.

Trump later addressed journalists after his speech at the White House and repeated his earlier that he could end the accord if flaws in it are not ironed out. A reporter asked him why he did not elect to terminate the deal, to which he replied that he wants his administration to observe the action that will be taken in the short term before making a final decision. Trump is concerned that the accord will only temporarily delay Iran's efforts to become a nuclear power. Despite US government officials repeatedly saying that Tehran has remained faithful to the deal, Trump accused the Islamic state of numerous violations of the agreement.

Iran is fueling terrorism

Trump voiced his conviction that Iran's Revolutionary Guard supports terrorism, while also accusing the country's government of fueling the war in Yemen, Iraq, and Syria. During his campaign, Trump had promised the "America First" approach when dealing with international deals. Staying true to his promise, the US leader pulled out the US from the Paris climate accord.

Reacting to Trump's speech, Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said that his American counterpart made "baseless accusations." He said that his country is committed to the deal. He added that Iran would not bow down to external pressure.

European powers have stated that they will not renegotiate the deal with Iran, but they are wary of the country's destabilization activities in the Middle East. Federica Morgherini, the European Union's policy chief, said that despite Trump's decision, the deal would remain in effect.