Billionaire Elon Musk tweeted he would like to rebuild the power grid in Puerto Rico. The island lost electricity during the recent hurricanes that lashed the Caribbean region. Musk said he would use Tesla's solar-powered batteries to create sustainable green energy. But, others have cautioned that his idea may not work for the devastated territory.

Several analysts reported that the power system would take about 4-6 months to repair. Puerto Rico’s governor Ricardo Rosello quickly send an invitation to Musk. He welcomes the opportunity as he needs all the help he can get to help his citizens.

Puerto Rico is far from being back to normal as help trickles in after the passage of hurricanes Maria and Irma. They are in need of necessary supplies as well as much needed electricity. And definitely, Musk idea is welcome, they are ready to enjoy green energy like their Caribbean neighbors.

Will Puerto Ricans abandon Puerto Rico?

1,000 miles is a short distance from the disaster zone. And that separates Puerto Rico from the US mainland. It would be effortless for Puerto Ricans to migrate to the United States. Many had already left the tropical paradise in search of better opportunities that are readily available on the mainland.

The turmoil in Puerto Rico had escalated over many years with little or no help from the US government.

Politicians on the island had warned that immediate and long-term help is necessary to prevent mass migration. Higher migration could occur for Puerto Rico. Even more than hurricane Katrina in 2005, when it devastated New Orleans. More than 400,000 people migrated during that period, half of them from New Orleans alone. The city’s population decreased by 50 percent and took 12 years to recover.

Should US brace for a massive exodus?

The Governor told the Washington Post there will be mass migration without meaningful reform. Puerto Rico representative Nydia Velazquez said she wants to avert a mass exodus. Velazquez cautioned that only sustainable actions will prevent an unprecedented migration.

Reportedly, Puerto Ricans are planning to leave if the problem continues to persist.

Governor Rossello pleads for a long-term plan that will strengthen public and private partnerships. According to the governor, the region needs significant investments for public works projects. For now, the citizen of Puerto Rico awaits a flicker of hope from billionaire Elon Musk.