It's no secret that Donald Trump and the majority of the mainstream media haven't seen eye to eye for some time. In the president's latest rant on social media, he re-tweeted a former Fox News host, while adding his own thoughts on the matter.

Trump and O'Reilly

It all started back during the summer of 2015 when Donald Trump and his family caused a media frenzy on the floor of Trump Tower in New York City by announcing his campaign for president. During his campaign announcement, Trump spoke out against illegal immigrants from Mexico, labeling them "rapists" and "murderers." The media reaction was predictably negative, which kicked off the war of words between both sides that has only continued to get worse.

Since being sworn into office just over nine months ago, the former host of "The Apprentice" has lashed out against the press on a routine basis, typically doing so during his daily tweetstorms. Trump's latest media target has been NBC News after the network reported that the president was looking to increase the United States' nuclear arsenal. Trump wasn't pleased with the reporting, calling it "fake news" and challenging whether or not the network should eve be allowed to hold to a journalistic license. Over the last 48 hours, Bill O'Reilly has come to the president's defense on social media, with Trump re-tweeting the former Fox News host on October 13, while also giving his opinion.

Taking to Twitter on Friday morning, Donald Trump re-tweeted Bill O'Reilly's recent post about NBC News and the media.

"The President will not be able to impact licenses, but he is doing major damage to the @NBC brand," O'Reilly tweeted. "Sadly, they and others are Fake News, and the public is just beginning to figure it out!" Trump added.

Donald Trump's latest remarks come just one day after doubling down with his criticism of NBC News, calling the network "dishonest," disgusting," and "fake news," while warning potential viewers that the channel could even be worse than CNN.

NBC responded to Trump's criticism and stood by their original reporting and sources.

Moving forward

As Donald Trump and the mainstream media continue to battle in the public eye, the commander in chief has many other issues to deal with in the White House.

With the president facing pressure to make progress on health care and tax reform, Trump is also dealing with rising tensions between the United States and North Korea, as well as reported in-fighting with members of his own administration.