Oakland's catcher Bruce Maxwell was the first major league baseball player to have knelt during the singing of the National Anthem. And, as a rookie in the league, his act of protest certainly resonated across the nation. However, weeks after the controversy, the ripple effect continues to play out in his home state of Alabama.

A waiter at a local restaurant in Harvest, Alabama refused to serve Maxwell as retaliation for his action. He had just arrived in Alabama four hours earlier when it happened. The waiter told the Baseball Player that he would not serve him because he supported the US President and voted for him in the November election.

However, according to TMZ, the diner refuted the claim and lashed out at the sportsman. The media outlet reported that the management denied Maxwell's refusal of service claim. They also reiterated that the MLB catcher was mistaken about it.

Maxwell demands respect for all citizen

Maxwell showed his disgust with President Trump after the US leader referred to the NFL players as sons of bitches. Maxwell comes from a military background and is very patriotic about his country. But after Trump's stupid assertion he felt he had to show defiance in regards to the US leader's offensive comment.

During the singing of the National Anthem, he placed his hand on his heart, as a sign of defiance. According to the player, his protest was not about race, to him it goes beyond that.

He said his action is in defiance to the vulgar and obnoxious behavior of the President. Trump is known for lashing out whenever citizens exercise their rights peacefully.

Kneeling was in favor of decency and dignity

Maxwell was in the company of his high school friend, and the city councilor when he said the waiter refused to serve them.

He said he had felt embarrassed about the situation. The restaurant's manager rectified the problem with a different waiter.

According to the MBL player, he is all about patriotism but doesn't take lightly to insults. Especially, from the President, who should lead by example. The player in the off-season volunteers at the food bank in Sonoma County recently ravaged by wildfires.

Meanwhile, a young A’s fan, who had written to the team about losing his baseball memorabilia in a fire was the proud recipient of a Maxwell jersey. And while Maxwell’s protest may have ignited a firestorm, he had moved on by helping others fulfill their dreams. Donald Trump continues his toxic brawl against the MLB. A few days ago, Trump took his fight to another level by insulting the leadership of Major League Baseball.