On Saturday, famous baseball player Bruce Maxwell, the catcher for the Oakland Athletics, violated one of the main traditions of the Major League in the game against the Texas Rangers, Huffington Post reported.

Since the 1940s, baseball players have been standing and listening to the US anthem playing before a league match. During the ceremony, Maxwell kneeled down and put his hand on his heart, showing his protest against the policy of President Donald Trump, who, according to Maxwell, "restricts the freedom of speech and expression" of athletes.

Why did Maxwell protest?

Maxwell demonstrated his disagreement with Donald Trump's position about black people. His colleague Mark Canha, who was standing next to Maxwell, put his hand on Maxwell's shoulder, CBS News reported. When the anthem finished, the two men hugged. After the match, the baseball team tweeted that “We respect and support all of our players’ constitutional rights and freedom of expression.”

Maxwell explained that the racism is disgusting and aggressive for him. Maxwell is extremely patriotic and was brought up in the military family, ABC News reported. He respects all people and is for equality, regardless of race, sex or religion.

Maxwell's behavior is not a precedent in the American Sport.

In 2016, footballer Colin Kaepernick also kneeled down, showing the protest the "oppression of minorities." A few NFL players followed his act, and Donald Trump stated that some players are not patriotic enough. He tweeted hat if sports players want to make millions of dollars, "he or she should not be allowed to disrespect," adding that "If not, YOU'RE FIRED.

Find something else to do!"

Trump's conflict with sports stars

After Trump published his statement, a conflict between President, the National Football League (NFL) and famous basketball players started, including LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Kobe Bryant.

Bryant wrote on his Twitter that Trump is stirring up the tension between the Americans.

James noted that such President like Donald Trump cannot "make America great again". Stephen Curry questioned whether he should attend a traditional reception from President, arranged for the National Basketball Association (NBA) champions.

NFL chief Roger Goodell condemned Trump for his statements, which, according to Goodell, cause "division." The basketball club Golden State Warriors said that it would not go to the White House.