The development of “Avatar” sequels were long overdue and now we finally have updates that these films might actually reach the big screens. Rumors have been roaming around the internet for years since the 2009 film. Part of the reason why it is now believed it might happen is that several actors already signed for the “Avatar 2 project.

According to Cinema Blend, several cast members of the original film are set to return. The veteran film director, James Cameron, and his producers also announced additional new characters in the film. Read ahead to know more about where the film currently stands.

Heroes in Pandora

Sigourney Weaver is expected to return in “Avatar” 2 as Dr. Grace Augustine. However, how she will return was not confirmed as her character died in the original film. Cinema Blend points out it is not clear whether she returns in her Na’vi avatar body or exists as an entirely different entity. Her consciousness may potentially exist in the Tree of Souls as well.

Sam Worthington will possibly be the upcoming film’s lead character again. He plays the role of Jake Sully, who now exists in his avatar Na’vi body. The plot of the story is not yet known but it was confirmed that viewers will see Jake Sully and his wife Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) with a family of their own.

Zoe Saldana excitedly talks about the possible comeback since the rumors about the film’s return ramped up.

Her role, Neytiri, is the primary member of the Na’vi. She was the one who helped Jake cope with the new environment until they fell in love with each other. Saldana’s rise to stardom started when she starred in the original "Avatar" film and fans are glad she is back.

Villains and new blood

Stephen Lang will return as Colonel Miles Quaritch.

Like Dr. Augustine, his character died in the original film. At first, Lang thought that Cameron would not consider bringing him back. In the end, Quaritch is expected to be the primary antagonist in all four sequels.

Actress Kate Winslet is one of the new cast members and she is set to reunite with “Titanic” director James Cameron.

Her character’s name is Ronal. Unfortunately, this is the only detail revealed about her character.

Aside from Winslet, another huge name added to the cast is Cliff Curtis as Tonowari. He will be the leader of Pandora’s reef people as the oceans play a major part in "Avatar” 2. Furthermore, young stars named Britain Dalton, Trinity Bliss, will play the roles of Jake and Neytiri’s children.