In the latest chapter of the feud between the United States and North Korea, Donald Trump decided to lash out on social media. Following critical remarks from the Prime Minister of North Korea to the United Nations, Trump once again mocked Kim Jong-un and threatened potential war between the two countries.

Trump on Twitter

Over the last week, the tensions between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have only gotten worse. Things started to kick into high gear just last week when Trump used social media to troll the leader of North Korea, labeling Kim "Rocket Man" for his increased use of launching test missiles in the region.

Trump received backlash over his choice of words, with many critics in the media and in Washington expressing concern that he was being too reckless. Despite this, Trump insulted Kim in front of the United Nations General Assembly earlier this week, bringing back the "Rocket Man" nickname, while threatening to "destroy" the country. In a statement just days later, Kim fired back, referring to Trump as "mentally deranged" and a "dotard." On Saturday at the United Nations, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho accused the former host of "The Apprentice" of being on a "suicide mission," while promising that an attack on the United States was now "inevitable." As seen on his Twitter account just before midnight on September 23, Trump went back to his insults.

Taking to Twitter later Saturday night, Donald Trump responded to the speech given by Ri Yong Ho, while making sure to mock Kim Jong-un in the process and threaten to wipe North Korea off the map.

"Just heard Foreign Minister of North Korea speak at U.N.," Trump pointed out.

Donald Trump then warned against the rival nation that if they continue with their threats, they might soon regret it.

"If he echoes thoughts of Little Rocket Man, they won't be around much longer!" the president concluded, now poking fun at Kim's height.

Twitter reacts

Within minutes of his post on Twitter, critics of the president wasted no time expressing their thoughts. "This is SICK. Trump is threatening to wipe out over 25 million people via Twitter. He needs to be removed from office," one tweet read.

"Trump's ego is so big that all he is thinking about is which dictator, or wannabe one in his case, looks tougher.

Not human casualties," Adam Best tweeted, before adding in a follow up post, "So proud of his Little Rocket Man nickname. He should be ashamed for provoking a potential nuclear war from his cell phone." "If I wanted to get a clown Halloween costume, I'd go to the "presidential" section," another post noted on Twitter.

"It’s insanity.

I say it and I say it again, Donald Trump Is a C," actor Tommy Campbell tweeted. "Dude. You're talking about killing 25 million people enslaved by a megalomaniacal dictator. WTF is wrong with you?" another Twitter user wondered. As Trump continues with his war of words with the leader of North Korea, many around the world wonder if the feud will escalate into something much more serious than just name calling.