China has accepted that the United Nations has the right to put more pressure on the Pyongyang government to deal with the crisis after the last nuclear test. The North Korean government has behaved in aggressive ways, and it keeps developing its program of nuclear weapons. It has also stated that it will respond with force to the measures imposed by the United States and the United Nations. America wants the UN to impose an oil embargo on the Pyongyang regime, ban the hiring of North Korean workers in foreign countries, put restrictions on its exports of textiles, and freeze the assets of the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un.

The US also wants a travel ban to be imposed on the North Korean leader.

Pressure from the US has increased

The American government has put more pressure on the Communist dictatorship since Pyongyang conducted its largest nuclear test a few days ago. The North Korean regime has also been improving its rocket technology and wants to be able to reach the US. Wang Yi, The Chinese Foreign Minister, believes that the United Nations must take the right steps to deal with this crisis. The United States has always tried to convince China to exert more pressure on the small country ruled by Kim Jong Un. The small Communist country has been improving its rocket technology, and it has been developing nuclear weapons to reach the United States.

The importance of China for North Korea is key

China, the Factory of the World, has strong economic and trade links with North Korea because it accounts almost all the foreign trade of the small nation. The statistics show that 92 percent of the North Korean foreign trade is linked with The Factory of the World. As we can see, China is vital for the small Communist country; thus, it can exert a lot of pressure on Pyongyang.

China also provides a lot of energy to the small communist dictatorship. Donald Trump had complained about the behavior of China in the past, and the US President wanted to see more action by the Asian giant. The US needs the Chinese help to make sanctions more powerful and effective.

North Korea challenges the sanctions imposed by the US

The administration of Kim Jong Un challenged the US, and it said that it would respond to the economic punishments imposed by America. The North Korean delegates are participating in a forum that takes place in Russia. The North Korean delegation dislikes the policy imposed by the United States.