Japan was a warrior nation for a long time, but after the Second World War, it became a peaceful country after it was defeated by the allied forces. There was a radical change in Japanese Foreign Policy, and military focus has been an afterthought since then. Today, America has a disastrous relationship with North Korea, and both China and Russia want the US to soften sanctions against the regime. China has been growing very fast the last few decades, and it could be tempted to become a military power. Russia has lost its allies of the Warsaw Pact, but it's still a powerful country and has some recent disagreements with America.

A militaristic policy by Japan will be positive because Japan will add technology and weapons to the US arsenal.

A respected warrior

For many years Japan was able to dominate China and a considerable part of Asia. The Japanese fight like fierce samurai when a war takes place. The same level of intelligence and discipline that they have in the industry is the reflex of its fierce military past. The Chinese still have some degree of resentment against the land of the Rising Sun, and the Russians know that Japan is more advanced in many areas of the civilian economy. Russia knows that Japan will be a great rival if the Japanese give a military use to their technology. North Koreans also know that Japan is a great warrior because for a long time the Japanese were able to dominate the Korean peninsula.

More details

For a long time Moscow was worried mainly about the military deployments in Europe, but now there is a new focus of tension and Japan is much more developed than Ukraine economically and technologically. The Russian government has to increase its military expenditures, and it exerts pressure on its economy. Beijing has to be more careful when dealing with Tokyo, although Japan is much smaller it was able to control China for a long time.

America has the help of a powerful ally that shares the military expenditures. South Korea could become more militaristic too, adding pressure on North Korea.

A boost for Japan

The increase in the production of tanks, fighters, and other weapons becomes a boost for the Japanese economy, and the nation of the Rising Sun increases its exports of weapons exponentially.

The weapons industry becomes a new dimension of economic growth for Japan. A considerable number of weapons are manufactured to flood the global markets, and the Japanese economy leaves recession and slow growth in the past. Clearly, a weapons race could be useful for Japan and America.