The news came last week from Kensington Palace that Duchess Kate is pregnant with her third child. News also came about Prince George's first day of school. Another announcement might happen soon. The official announcement will come from the palace after Prince Harry proposes to his girlfriend Meghan Markle. Reliable sources say officials are planning for the announcement of an engagement even though it has not happened yet.

When the average couple becomes engaged, news of the proposal happens right away. In a lot of cases, the public sees the actual proposal.

That's not the way it is done with royals. The couple could be engaged for a while before an official royal announcement is made.

Believe only an official announcement

Don't believe an announcement about Prince Harry's engagement if it is in the tabloids, magazines, on television, or social media, unless an official announcement has come directly from Kensington Palace. Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton in October 2010. However, their engagement wasn't announced until November 16, and Kate did not wear her engagement ring until the photo shoot many days later. Even though it was William who proposed and Kate who accepted, they had very little to say about how the engagement would be announced.

When Harry and Meghan get engaged, the procedure will probably be the same.

Royal officials will know about the engagement as soon as it happens, and Queen Elizabeth will know about it before it happens, because she must give permission for it. Persons very close to Prince Harry and Megan might know about the engagement, but they will be sworn to secrecy until after the official announcement has come from Kensington Palace.

Things are being put in place

Meghan Markle met Queen Elizabeth on September 3rd. That was a major development in Harry and Meghan's relationship. She met Harry's father, Prince Charles, and the Duchess of Cornwall a while ago, as well as Harry's older brother, Prince William, and his family.

The couple is expected to be with each other again at the Invictus Games on September 23 in Toronto where Meghan lives while filming her hit show, "Suits." This might be her last season on the legal drama.

Then she will move to England to live with her boyfriend. He is making sure Apartment 9 is renovated for them. Now when she visits, she stays long periods of time with him in his small two-bedroom house in Nottingham Cottage on the palace grounds. That is likely to change very soon.