Melania Trump is probably used to criticism. Being an occupant of the White House attracts a lot of attention, and she’s aware of it. Last week, the internet went crazy after the first lady wore stilettos on her way to Texas. Then on their second trip, she did it again! She shrugged off her critics by wearing high heels again on Saturday before boarding Air Force One for her second tour to Gulf Coast. The 47-year-old former model was photographed dressed in a brown belted dress and a pair of snakeskin stilettos on Saturday. She must have been bold enough to ignore the ridicule she received a few days earlier because of her footwear.

The first lady landed in Houston wearing sneakers

The Trumps also faced criticism last week for not being in contact with displaced Texans during his first trip to the disaster zone. They had gone to meet state and local officials in Corpus Christi to be briefed on the situation. The president explained that he stayed away from the hard hit areas (including Houston) to avoid depleting the local resources required for immediate aid and first responders while the flood was ongoing. On their second visit, the first couple spent the day meeting and talking with victims, and helping relief workers in Texas and Lousiana. They assisted in loading supplies for victims in a local church that were provided by the Red Cross and Feed the Children.

On both trips, though the couple changed into casual wear while on board. The first lady emerged from the back stairs of Air Force One wearing dark slacks, a baseball cap with a “Texas” logo, a button-down shirt and sneakers. She greeted the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott and other local and state officials.

Social media had criticized Melania for wearing high-heels

According to New York Times, during the first trip, people thought that the Trump administration was not connected to the victims because Melania was wearing high heels. Mrs. Trump’s stilettos have become a trademark. While onboard, the internet was going crazy, but after landing, the first lady emerged wearing white sneakers and a “FLOTUS” cap.

Melania didn’t respond to the criticism, but her communications director emailed a statement saying it was sad to see people worry about her shoes when there was an ongoing natural disaster in Texas. Trump supporters thought she looked good in her jeans and sneakers and appreciated the support the Trump's showed to the people of Texas.

The administration second visit was to show empathy towards the victims and thank the volunteers for their efforts. They visited Houston and had face-to-face interaction with the victims before going to Lousiana where they met the Cajun Navy volunteers. The president assured the people of the Gulf Coast that they were in solidarity with them through his tweets. He also thanked both local and state officials for their assistance.