Nancy Pelosi got praise from conservatives last week for condemning Antifa. Antifa are a self-proclaimed Anarcho-Communist group that has been making headlines confronting hate groups that they've identified as fascistic and sympathetic. With recent confrontations, they've been against groups who promote Nazism. Pelosi released a statement last Tuesday against Antifa, condemning the group for their violent action against those hate groups at Berkeley over the prior weekend.

Pelosi sides with President Trump

In her statement, she said that members of the group should be arrested and prosecuted just as those involved with the hate groups they oppose.

Pelosi made it very clear with her statement, her unflinching solidarity for President Trump's view that blame was attributed to both sides. On August 11 and 12, Antifa was on the campus of Virginia University to confront white supremacists who started marching for a "Unite the Right" rally. As they marched, they chanted Nazi slogans like "blood and soil" as well as "Jews will not replace us" and other hateful slogans as they carried Tiki-torches.

The scene was very similar to what one would have seen when Nazism was on the rise on Germany before World War II. Antifa clashed with the hate group on that Friday night and the following Saturday when one counter-protester was killed by a white nationalist who drove their car into a crowd.

19 were reportedly injured and two police officers who were monitoring the rally from the air were also killed when their helicopter crashed. Since those events, President Trump made a series of statements where he mildly denounced the hate groups calling them out by name.

Lawmakers keeping pressure on Democrats over antifa

The President was more passionate in his statements about condemning both sides which included Antifa.

Conservatives were also making statements that identified with the President, including Rep. Brat (R-VA) who ironically share similar anti-immigrant views with hate groups. In their attacks on Democrats, Conservatives have been demanding that the liberal party denounce the anti-fascist group.

Antifa have reportedly been engaged in confrontations with other hate groups nationwide.

Generally, the attacks against Democrats have been against the fact that they have been demanding that Republicans condemn those hate groups but have not taken any responsibility for left-wing groups who commit violence as well.

Lawmakers considering Antifa legislation

In round table discussions with pundits, there was little open condemnation of Antifa and counter-protesters due to debate over false-equivalency that President Trump tried to establish. The issue being that there was no worse group than those who supported Nazism, despite conservative pundits demanding that all sides be blamed. Trump supporters are keeping pressure Congress to label Antifa a terrorist group, submitting a petition with thousands of signatures to the Hill.

It's been reported that lawmakers in California are considering labeling Antifa a street gang as opposed to a terrorist group, but is having trouble designating them as such under their political affiliations. An article published by The Hill titled: "Right accuses left of hypocrisy on antifa" refers to various conservative mouth-pieces who have attacked Democrats over Antifa and suggested that the group could strengthen Trump politically. The President mentioned the anti-fascist group at a rally in Phoenix in August, saying that there were groups outside wearing masks and clubs.