Martin Shkreli also referred to as "pharmacy bro" would have never imagined that his stunt on Facebook would cause him to go to jail. Martin has already been found guilty of multiple criminal charges by a federal jury on September 8. At the end of his trial which lasted over a month, he was found guilty on three charges from a total of eight he was facing. He might be jailed for up to 20 years when sentenced.

What did he post on Facebook about Hillary Clinton?

Martin was out of jail on a $5 million bail, but his offensive online antics lead to his bail being revoked by the judge.

This situation all started with his Post on Facebook offering an amount of $5,000 to anyone who would bring a single hair of Hillary Clinton with the hair follicle while she's on a book tour. Martin has about 70,000 followers on Facebook, and this post was considered putting out a bounty. He wrote to court apologizing for his behavior and stated that he isn't a violent person and even his lawyer assured that this would never happen again in the future.

The judge defending the government's demand to jail Shkreli stated that his bid to pay $5,000 was “solicitation of an assault” she added that he didn't have to apologize to her as he should apologize to Hillary Clinton and the government. Jacquelyn Kasulis who is a federal prosecutor was fuming about Shkreli's post about Hillary Clinton as she described it as a growing pattern of violence against women to be especially disturbing.

She further added that Mr. Shkreli is a threat to the community and he needs to be jailed.

How long could he be sentenced for?

Shkreli is facing multiple charges ranging from securities fraud to defrauding investors in hedge funds. Although acquitted of five conspiracy counts he has been found guilty on two counts of securities fraud and one count of conspiracy.

He could be jailed for a maximum of 20 years in prison for security fraud, yet the term could be shorter according to the federal sentencing guidelines. He is currently incarcerated and waiting for his sentencing on January 16. Martin Shkreli was even named the most hated man in America after his company acquired the rights to Daraprim, and increased the price of the drug from $13.50 to $750 a pill.

He faced a lot of backlash from patients-rights groups, numerous politicians and a huge amount of Twitter users. All these factors certainly won't work in his favor when the decisions for his sentencing are made.