Puerto Rico has been facing a crisis since hurricane Maria, which swept through the island and caused catastrophic damages. The people are struggling to recover from the disaster and the vast majority of people are living without basic necessities like food, water, and shelter. The electric grids have failed in various parts of the island, which has forced the people to live without power.

Trump blames Puerto Rico for its condition after hurricane

In a series of tweets on Thursday, Donald Trump suggested that Puerto Rico has to take more responsibility for the recovery of the island after the disaster.

He also said that the emergency responders of the federal government can’t stay there forever. Trump partially blamed Puerto Rico for its own devastation after hurricane Maria, pointing out that the electrical grid and infrastructure was already a disaster before the hurricane.

He said this happened due to the lack of accountability of the Puerto Rican governor and added that it was up to Congress to decide on how much federal money would be appropriate for the recovery of the island. He also served a notice that the federal relief workers might be pulled back, leaving the disaster struck island on its own while it is facing a humanitarian crisis. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer questioned Trump about why he treats Puerto Ricans different than Americans when it comes to natural disasters.

San Juan mayor calls trump,' Hater in chief'

The San Juan mayor, who recently was in a feud with Donald Trump when he slammed her for her leadership abilities, replied to his tweets saying that the Puerto Ricans have shown commitment and dedication to democratic values, which President Trump is incapable of understanding.She also stated that his actions, “are unbecoming of a leader of the free world" while also calling him a hater in chief.

Carmen Yulín Cruz also appealed to every American who had love and not hate in their hearts, to stand with Puerto Rico and let this president know that the Puerto Ricans will not be left alone to die. In response to this, a statement was issued by the White House that for now, they are committed to giving their full force for the recovery while pointing out the fact that, "successful recoveries do not last forever." President Trump has faced a lot of backlash for a possible lack of compassion for Puerto Rico in the middle of disaster response. The Democrats tweeted that Puerto Ricans are Americans and Americans don't abandon each other.