Wildfires in California have destroyed thousands of acres, caused extensive Damage To Property and burned down houses. 23 people are said to have lost their lives the disastrous wildfires and hundreds are still being reported as missing. It is being estimated that the death toll might rise, as some affected places are too unsafe to carry out Search And Rescue operations.

23 people dead and hundreds reported missing

The wildfires resulted in the death of 23 people, and hundreds of reports have been filed for missing persons. They broke out throughout Napa, Lake, Sonoma, Mendocino, and Butte counties during severe fire weather conditions effectively leading to a major red flag warning from much of the northern California area.

About 100 citizens are being treated in hospitals. The sheriff's department of Sonoma County told that about 600 missing person reports have been filed out of which 285 people have been found. Thousands of people are living in shelters.

Some portions are so badly affected by the fires that even the search and rescue operation teams have been unable to do anything. A state of emergency was declared by the Governor of California Jerry Brown for the counties of Napa, Sonoma, Yuba, Butte, Lake, Mendocino, Nevada, and Orange on October 9. He even wrote a letter to the White House requesting a major disaster declaration, which was approved by President Donald Trump the following day.Which counties incurred the most damage?

Which counties incurred the most damage?

The counties of Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino are the worst affected by this disaster, which incurred the most damage, 15 lives alone were lost Napa county. 20,000 residents have been evacuated so far, and about 8000 firefighters and 124 jets are currently battling the wildfires. There has been a massive damage to property, and it is estimated to be in billions of dollars.

The fires resulted in thousands of residents were left without power in various parts of the affected zones. The Wine Country also suffered substantial damage, California’s wine industry attracted millions of tourists and generated billions in revenue. It was also the source the source of about 94% national wine export. NASA tweeted that the California wildfires could even be seen even from space.

The fires are also responsible for the awful quality of air in the affected regions, and it wills the same for quite some time. A lot of people are being treated in the hospitals for burns and inhalation of smoke.