Hurricane Irma is barrelling down on the USA and hymn-singing residents gathered on a Miami Beach. The emotional and goose-bump raising hymn attracted both derision and praise from those who watched it on Twitter.

Hurricane Irma singers of 'The Great I Am'

The video shows a group of people on a beach, mostly facing out to sea under dark and gathering storm clouds ahead of Hurrican Irma. It was posted up by Twitter user Adam Beamer.

Miami Beach singers are thought to be irresponsible by some tweeters

Some reactions to the video of the Irma hymn singers were of a practical nature, with tweeters commenting that it might be all very nice, but what the h*ll are people doing on a beach in Maimi in the face of Hurricane Irma with kids?

Others urged the hymn singers to get off the beach and under cover, which seems to be very sound advice as Hurricane Irma is predicted to be a beast of a storm and has already battered Cuba to pieces.

Beautiful moment perceived by others who watched the video

There were positive comments to the video of the singers on a Miami beach, who loved the idea of praising God and Jesus ahead of the hurricane.

It was a beautiful song, and it was a moving moment according to some of the viewers.

One tweeter wrote,"Praise God... Thank You for Your faithfulness..Your love..Your protection..Your provisions in Jesus name. Thank You." Another said it was a beautiful way to show their trust in God.

Ironic and sarcastic perceptions of the song

Some of the Twitter users who watched the video were sarcastic, ironic and of course, as this is Twitter, a bit humorous.

One of the commenters asked if they thought the Rapture was coming along, and another said that perhaps the authorities should confiscate the children.

Miami mayor urged residents to leave two days ago

Fox Business News reported that Philip Levine urged residents to leave ahead of the storm and instituted a curfew. Later, Victurus Libertas VL reported on Youtube that there were still people walking around the beaches. He also mentioned that he hoped they have a "Prepper mindset because I have a feeling this monster is going to wreak major havoc through Florida."

One of the people who commented on the Victurus post, Inky5Starz, wrote,"These people do not understand how magnificent this storm's bigger than the entire state.

this is not a storm you can ride out in the Miami area, the entire city will be under water." The YouTuber also said, "If you are staying, write your identification in sharpie on your body and on your pets." "I am sending all of you who are in south Florida love and support, stay alive."

What do you think about Miami Beach people gathering to sing a hymn, along with their kids in the face of Hurricane Irma?