A little over a month since he was suspended from Fox News, Eric Bolling, the infamous, conservative host of the Fox program, "Fox News Specialists," has left the cable network. Fox spokespersons have described Bolling's departure as "amicable," while at the same time thanking him for his "ten years of service to our loyal viewers," according to The Huffington Post on Friday. Fox then wished Bolling "the best of luck" and announced in a statement that it is canceling Bolling's program.

Inappropriate texts and emails

Bolling's departure came on the heels of complaints that he sent three or more current and former Fox employees lewd and/or "inappropriate" text message, some of which included pictures of male genitalia.

Reports of these and possibly other complaints came from fourteen sources, according to HuffPost.

Plaintiff went after others too

Caroline Heldman, Bolling's main accuser, has made similar allegations against other conservatives, among them Bill Oreilly and Donald Trump. She held up a sign at Trump's inauguration that stated that Trump is a rapist. She also is one of the females who are responsible for the ousting of famed Fox News commentator Bill Oreilly amidst a swirl of accusations that he is a womanizer.

Oreilly was the Fox commentator who coined the term "Fair and balanced" to describe the news coverage provided by Fox. Oreilly's description of Fox News, including "Fox and Friends," as "fair and balanced" was a source of consternation among many observers for years, including competing, left wing news networks.

Lawsuit threatened

Within two weeks of the release of two stories revealing news of the texting accusations against him, Bolling threatened to sue a HuffPost reporter for defamation for breaking the story. As with all civil lawsuits, the burden of proof is on the plaintiff, who, in this case, is Eric Bolling. The lawsuit puts Bolling in juxtaposition because he is having to prove that a reporter for a major news source "defamed" his character while at the same time proving that the accusations by Heldman and others are bogus.

"Dr. McHottie" comment

Meanwhile, Bolling has had to apologize for being one of the employees at Fox News who sexually harassed Heldman, especially when calling her, "Dr. McHottie." Allegedly, Heldman also had offered to fly her to New York and "have fun" with him. Bolling is a married man, who at this point, no longer works for "fair and balanced" Fox News.