Before serving as the White House deputy Chief Of Staff, Kirstjen Nielsen was the DHS chief of staff for John Kelly. Nielsen has been known for her Spartan-like work ethics. And when she would want to accomplish something, she gets it done her way with less regard for her colleagues. Her attitude is annoying the aides at the White House. Worse, she does not even have a personal relationship with the US president, the New York Times reported.

Does Kirstjen Nielsen run things with ‘iron fist’?

Kirstjen Nielsen means business in the White House. Right from the very start of her job as deputy chief of staff, she pointed out that she is meticulously strict in running tasks.

She would want her colleagues, especially those under her supervision, to do the same.

For Jonathan Hoffman, Nielsen’s demeanor was quite reasonable. As the assistant secretary of public affairs at the DHS, Hoffman occasionally becomes strict and unlikable towards his colleagues. “Gatekeepers are not beloved,” Hoffman said. But that is what makes it a significant job, Hoffman added.

For several years now, Kirstjen Nielsen has been under the wing of John Kelly. The uncompromising deputy chief of staff then served as the chief of staff of Kelly when the latter was the DHS head.

And after the four-star general John Kelly became chief of staff at the White House, Kirstjen Nielsen also rose to ranks.

She is qualified for the job as she holds degrees from the University of Virginia Law School and Georgetown University.

The integrity of Kirstjen Nielsen

The New York Times reports that over ten senior administration officials as well as outside advisers asserted that Kirstjen Nielsen was brought in to the White House to clean up the mess and put things in order.

As a good example, the new deputy chief of staff sent out emails concerning internal policy and planning meetings. Nielsen warned that subordinates who divulge confidential information will be terminated right away. This is the attitude that made her workmates label her as indifferent and lacking in collegiality.

According to Politico, Nielsen is at risk of devastating the hope for a fresh start now that she has occupied the old office of former chief strategist Steve Bannon.

For example, when somebody shows up late, Nielsen would immediately cancel meetings. Moreover, Nielsen would purportedly control Kelly’s time, in the same manner, the latter would seek to control President Trump’s time. She would also interrupt and hurry along the staffers who linger too long in Kelly’s office.

Because of her actions, she was compared to the character in the 1962 novel “One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest,” Nurse Ratched who is a cold, heartless nurse who presides over a mental hospital. But she could not care less of her critics.

But there are still people, like Counselor Kellyanne Conway, who think that Nielsen is just doing her job. Conway believed that she is much similar to General John Kelly who is highly motivated by honor, duty, and country.