Former Child Star Kirk Cameron made headlines after his insensitive comments regarding Hurricane Harvey and the tragic impact it had on thousands of lives. The former actor, most notably known for his role on "Growing Pains," is causing major controversy after suggesting that the severe weather is a result of God's anger.

Cameron took to Facebook to give his opinion on the two hurricanes that have devastated parts of the United States over the last few weeks. Hurricane Harvey has claimed 70 lives and destroyed thousands of residences throughout Texas, while Hurricane Irma is currently ripping through the southeast and has already claimed ten lives.

Kirk's thoughts?

In a social media post, Cameron pondered how the population should look at the two massive hurricanes occurring back-to-back. He seemingly mocked people who think the severe weather is just a "coincidence" while noting that "it could be something much more than all of that." The Evangelical Christian even took it a step further and quoted a bible passage following his wandering thoughts, stating that God "causes [storms] to happen for punishment, or to water His land and demonstrate his faithful love." He says the events are a display of God's power and that these things never occur without reason. Cameron said the tragedies should encourage people to remember that "it's God who supplies our life, breath and everything else" and that the tragedies may be a sign to reach out for religion.

He then asked his audience to "think about that" and to discuss with their children why the natural disasters occurred.

Social media reaction

The post prompted more than 3,000 social media users to respond. Some were quick to judge and mock Cameron, saying that he has an "impressively twisted mind" when it comes to the subject.

Others took to his defense, saying that Cameron was "honoring the Lord" with his words. Kirk is no stranger to controversy while speaking out about various issues. He's touched on everything from women to same-sex marriage. Back in 2012, Cameron that same-sex marriage was "destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization." He also came to the defense of former Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin after the politician made headlines for using the phrase "legitimate rape."

"[Akin] is a pro-life advocate, and for that, I respect him," Cameron told CNN. The actor's most recent video has more than 500,000 views since being uploaded on Thursday.