The United States demands that Russia close its consulate in San Francisco as well as the annexes in Washington and New York, the BBC reported. This move came about after Moscow cut 755 US diplomatic staff in Russia.

Russia is ready to retaliate harshly

On Friday, Sergei Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, said that Moscow is prepared for a harsh retaliation against the U.S. after the latter ordered the closedown of Russia’s consulate and two annexes within 24 hours.

This demarche by the US government would only worsen the already waning relations between Russia and the United States.

The move might also fuel a whirl of retaliatory measures between the superpowers.

What President Trump would think of Russia’s harsh response

When President Donald Trump assumed the presidency earlier this year, he pronounced his desire to better the relations between the two opposing superpowers since the Cold war. Unfortunately, Trump’s goal went the other way after he was accused of having conspired with Russia, which allegedly meddled in the last year’s election.

Just recently, President Trump reluctantly signed Congress’ new sanctions on Russia. And as a result of these sanctions, Moscow demanded that the American government reduce its diplomatic and technical staff who are detailed in Russia.

Moreover, the Russian Foreign Minister said that their government is still hoping to avert this political crisis in order to improve the relations between the two countries. Lavrov also emphasized that President Trump is not to be blamed for this situation, but rather his political opponents. Lavrov believed that they don’t want the US president to advance the better relations between Russia and the United States.

In short, President Trump’s political foes would seek to undermine his efforts for better international relations.

Barrack Obama should be blamed, Sergei Lavrov says

For Sergei Lavrov, Barrack Obama is to be blamed for the worsening relations between Russia and the United States. His administration sought to undermine the ties of the two countries.

Lavrov made it clear that it was not Russia that began the exchange of tit-for-tat sanctions. He said that the Obama administration removed thirty-five alleged Russian spies as well as seized 2 Russian diplomatic compounds.

The US government gave Russia only 48 hours to abide by the latest demands. Lavrov believed that this move from the Russophobes in Congress would only invite antagonism.