A woman from Nebraska was sentenced to Life In Prison earlier this week. She also assumed the identity of the woman she killed via social media to cover up her death.

Forty-two-year-old Shanna Golyar killed 37-year-old Cari Farver in November of 2012. Golyar will not have the chance to get out of jail as she was not granted a parole.

Authorities say Golyar stabbed Farver

Authorities believe Golyar stabbed Farver, who just left the apartment of a man that they were both dating during that time. Golyar then took the phone of Farver to send messages and texts to the deceased woman’s family and friends in an attempt to cover her death.

Golyar made them believe Farver was living Nebraska and was not missing, People reported.

Golyar assumed Carver’s identity on social media

On a May 18, 2013, Facebook post, Golyar said that she answered enough questions to prove herself to everyone noting that people can either believe her or not if she is their daughter, mother, sister, and friend. Golyar, posting as Carver, said that she left of her own free will and she is sick of everyone giving her a difficult time for doing what she needs to do. The post also said that Carver is not missing and just does not want to come home.

Golyar, in an attempt to make others believe Carver was still alive and well, mentioned the son of Carver in the post.

It read in part, “I asked my son Max (Maxwell James) to come with me, but you didn’t want to.” She then ended the post saying if she is ready to come back home she will then apologized to everyone for leaving suddenly.

Golyar did not use the original Facebook of Carver. She made a fake one and that was where she posted messages to convince everyone Farver was still alive.

Golyar threatened the man they were dating when she assumed Carver’s identity

Using Carver’s identity, Golyar threatened the man they were both dating, identified as David Kroupa. The family, friends, colleagues, and other women Kroupa was dating during that time also received threats from who they thought was Carver. Golyar stayed with Kroupa throughout the ordeal she herself caused before the truth was uncovered.

Farver’s mother upset over not finding daughter’s body

Farver’s body was never found. Her mother said that although they are happy about the sentencing, she is still upset that her daughter’s remains were never found. She said they still want to know what exactly happened and where their daughter ended up so they could give her a proper funeral.