Ronald Murdock, 51, of Toledo, Ohio, has been charged with murder, after his mistress of five years passed away from AIDS in February this year. Murdock has not disclosed to 51-year-old Kimberly Klempner that he was HIV-positive and the couple had unprotected sex throughout their relationship.

Klempner passed away in February this year. Following Murdock’s indictment last week for Klempner’s death, the judge set bond on Tuesday at $1.5 million. Murdock is further charged with felonious assault.

Couple had been together for five years

As reported by The Blade, Klempner’s son, Joshua Klempner said Murdock and his mother had been together for five years, from June 1, 2011, to October 1, 2016.

It was only when Murdock’s wife finally found out that her husband and Klempner were having an affair that she told his mistress her husband was HIV-positive. Josh said that by the time his mother found out it was way too late and his mother’s death certificate listed her cause of death as

Josh said that by the time his mother found out it was way too late and his mother’s death certificate listed her cause of death as AIDS. Klempner went on to say that his mother would have done anything for Murdoch. He said the fact that he didn’t tell her in the beginning that he was Hiv Positive was not right.

HIV criminal laws in Ohio

As noted by the New York Post, Ohio is one of the several states that have HIV criminal laws, generally making it a crime to expose other people to HIV infection, or to fail to disclose an HIV-positive status.

Julia Bates, the Lucas County Prosecutor, said Ohio state laws allow her office to pursue the murder conviction, as Murphy knew he was HIV-positive but still went ahead and had unprotected sex with someone who was unaware of his condition.

According to Bates, her office has so far prosecuted around eight people for felonious assault over infecting others with HIV.

However, this is the first time she has prosecuted a defendant for murder. She went on to add that should both parties consent, with full knowledge of the dangers involved, that is one thing. However to keep an HIV-positive status secret is “pretty awful.”

Jeff Lingo of the Lucas County Prosecutor’s Office compared it to a stabbing or shooting assault where someone dies.

He said you might claim you weren’t trying to kill the person, just hurt them, but you would still face murder charges should they die.

Son believes Murphy may have infected others with HIV

As reported by The Blade, Joshua Klempner said on Tuesday before heading into court that his mother had Crohn’s disease. She only discovered that she was HIV-positive when her medications for that disease stopped working and she became very ill as the AIDS infection progressed. Klempner went on to say he believes Murdock may have infected other women, saying he is sure his mother wasn’t the only victim. He said just by the way he hid his HIV-positive status shows that he doesn’t care.