An actor who appeared on one episode of the series “twin peaks” was arrested for attempted second-degree murder after he repeatedly beat a woman with a bat. Authorities from Spokane, Washington confirmed the allegations.

The beating reportedly took place at a local business in Spokane and a call to the police department was made at around 5:40 p.m.

What police said in a press release

Authorities confirmed the identity of the “Twin Peaks: The Return” actor as Jeremy Lindholm. When authorities arrived at the scene of the crime, Lindholm was getting ready to flee out the back door of the local business, which was not identified.

Lindholm still had the bat in his hand.

According to People, officers caught up with him in the alley and gave up without any incident. He was then taken into custody. Police said they now have in their hands the surveillance video of the beating. They described the encounter between Lindholm and an unidentified woman as “extremely violent assault.”

More on the footage that the police have in their possession, they said that when they reviewed it, they found there was enough evidence to say that Lindholm intended to kill the victim. Aside from the Attempted Murder second degree, he was also charged with second degree assault due to assaulting a friend of the victim.

He remains in custody and is being held on a $100,000 bond.

Victim is Lindholm’s girlfriend

According to New York Daily News, the victim is actually Lindholm’s girlfriend. The incident was classified as domestic violence related. Police said that Lindholm allegedly admitted that he punched his girlfriend in the face but did not intend to hurt her. He also said that he wanted the police to shoot him in front of her.

He attacked her because she refused to buy him Kool-Aid.

The victim was taken to a local hospital. The injuries she sustained from the attack are not life threatening. Police did not determine yet what took place before the beating and why Lindholm wanted himself to get shot by police in front of his girlfriend.

Lindholm’ talent agent releases statement

The talent agent of Lindholm, Anne Lillian Mitchell, said that MAM, an agency, represents the actor and they have worked with him on bookings for commercial, film, and television projects. She noted they are shocked about his arrest and they will monitor the trial. The company extended their thoughts with all those involved and their families.