The pastor of the church where 16-year-old Nathaniel Jouett joined three months ago said that the teen was in search for inner peace moments before he went on a rampage that killed two people and injured several others in New Mexico.

Sifting the search for inner peace

David Stevens, the Pastor of the Living Word Church of God, told the press that the young Jouett found refuge in their church after his suicide attempts. Stevens believed that the church turned the teen’s life around. So when the news came in, he was totally shocked in disbelief.

After the shooting incident at a library on Monday, authorities apprehended and filed charges against the suspect who is apparently a minor and a student at Clovis High School, the CNN reported.

The police began the investigation by talking with the boy’s family and friends and by combing through Nathaniel’s post on social media in hopes to find clues that might have driven his rampage.

The charges against Nathaniel Jouett

The Washington reports that Nathaniel Jouett faces four counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, four counts of assault with intent to commit a violent felony, two counts of first-degree murder and one count of child abuse. Authorities in New Mexico will file a motion to request the transfer of Jouett‘s case from the juvenile system to adult court.

Authorities are still left clueless because of the absence of a motive. The police has continued its investigation concerning how Jouett acquired the handguns he used in the incident.

It happened without warning

Jouett suffered an anxiety attack while at Church on Sunday, so the pastor’s daughter, Jouett’s girlfriend, brought him home. Nathaniel soon returned to the church in the evening, and later after the service played video games and spent time with his girlfriend.

Those who knew Jouett were baffled with the incident.

He was a normal kid as some would say and could never do what he has done.

Moreover, Jouett was not a regular library-goer based on investigations. And information is still being gathered regarding the number of people who were present in the library during the incident. When the cops broke into the building, Nathaniel surrendered right away.

The teen randomly shot at people who were taking cover behind closed doors and beneath the tables.

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez condemned the attack, calling it ‘horrific’ and unprecedented. On Tuesday, Martinez paid a visit to the recovering victims in Lubbock. She also called New Mexicans for a support to the victims and their families.