America is having a hard time with the present state of its politics and bans. Also, the white house politics is getting confusing day by day. Adding more fuel to the fire, Russian president Vladimir Putin had sanctioned an order to cut off 755 American diplomats from the country, and this was in retaliation to American president Donald trump's strong sanction against Russia. But it seems like all is not well in Trump land since Washington is considering its option after the Moscow Kremlin had ordered it to reduce its diplomatic mission in Russia.

But Trump is yet to sign new sanctions into the law.

According to the reports, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders was not in the position to reply anything on Putin's sudden move to cut down on American diplomats in Russia. However, as per some officials, the development, in this case, is regrettable, but president Trump has not responded nor has he protested this action by Russia on his micro blogging account Twitter, the place where he gives out all his decisions and sometimes also his opinions.

Trump might make the official announcement

Everyone is yet to receive an official announcement by Trump himself on the action taken by Vladimir Putin. The reports further suggest that the review process about the cut offs and ban is still on, and America is yet to review its option, and we will soon hear an official statement from White House when they have something strong to stay about the same.

The story behind

Russia's action was a repercussion of what the United States had done in the past and also had tried to defame the country at some point. It had ordered tough sanctions against Russia after Moscow had announced to cut off hundred of its diplomatic staff in the United States. The main aim behind America's decision was the interference of Russia in 2016 US presidential elections and its involvement in Ukraine, Iran and North Korea have also been considered in the sanction bill.

The reports from White House suggests that President Trump might sign off on the legislation, despite the fact that it might cut off the president's to seek a border diplomatic harmonious relations with the country. Meanwhile, Russia's foreign ministry has given out an official statement that they have ordered Washington to cut off its diplomatic personnel to 455 before September 1st. For now, it has a low key response, and we have to wait for the president to speak himself.