After his hectic yet short-lived service at the White House, Anthony Scaramucci found himself in gossip columns with Katrina Pierson. On Monday, the financier and political figure was ousted from the West Wing 10 days after he was appointed as the new communications director on July 21.

Scaramucci after his dismissal from White House

On the same day of his dismissal, Anthony Scaramucci was allegedly spotted "secretly" dining with Katrina Pierson at Trump Hotel in Washington D.C. The two, who were accompanied by Donald Trump loyalists, reportedly chose a secluded spot to avoid the attention.

Anthony Scaramucci and Katrina Pierson's public appearance has raised the curiosity of several gossip outlets, which questioned the relationship between the two. Hence, the CNN contributor shot down these rumors by laughing at her alleged private moment with the former communications director.

Katrina Pierson also revealed that Anthony Scaramucci stopped the information of his dismissal from leaking until White Host confirmed his termination in the afternoon.

A day after the financier left the White House, Katrina Pierson's name emerged as a potential candidate to be the successor of Anthony Scaramucci.

The 41-year-old communications consultant, however, immediately clarified that these reports are not true.

Controversial phone interview

Meanwhile, Anthony Scaramucci has spoken up for the first time to defend his profanity-laden attack against Reince Priebus a week ago.

During his phone conversation with Ryan Lizza, the reporter who first revealed his dinner meeting with Donald Trump and Co., the then-communications director pressed the journalist to name his sources for the scoop.

When the New Yorker staff refused to give him what he wants, the political figure went on to remind him of his responsibility as an American citizen.

Ryan Lizza, however, declined to name his two "knowledgeable" sources who gave him the information.

After failing to get something out from the reporter, Anthony Scaramucci threatened to fire all staffers of communications team. He went on to specifically target Reince Priebus, whom he accused of leaking White House information. He even labeled the former chief of staff a "f--king paranoid schizophrenic" and a "paranoiac."

The former communications director later clarified that he was "joking" when he said those to Ryan Lizza, whom he considered a friend. The New Yorker journalist, on the other hand, denied that he has any personal relationship with Anthony Scaramucci.