On Thursday, U.S. President Donald Trump slammed his Republican Party Senate Majority Leader, saying Mitch McConnell either delivers on his seven-year campaign to repeal and replace Obamacare or think of stepping aside.

President Trump described the failure of McConnell to prevail on his GOP colleagues to pass the Senate health care bill a total disgrace. Trump questioned if the Senate leader should think of retiring or stepping aside. Such suggestion is openly welcomed by some conservatives, though the president’s comment has not be subjected to a vote of confidence.

Trump’s bashing of McConnell

Trump told reporters that if McConnell does not put his GOP senators together to pass health care bill, fix taxes and infrastructure, then he needs to have a rethink.

He added that McConnell is a disappointment, but he would praise him if he gets the legislation moving once more by passively participating as an observer rather than presenting himself as the President’s pulpit deal-maker.

Trump’s public bashing of a Senate Majority Leader of his own party is strange for a sitting president. While the President’s words might excite his core supporters, they could harm wider Republican attempts to move key legislative bills this fall on spending and taxes while making preparations for next year’s congressional elections where Democrats are warming up and rallying to win a majority in both chambers.

Currently, both chambers of Congress are dominated by Republicans, but Trump low approval rating could work against the GOP in the upcoming polls.

President Trump spent two days bashing McConnell on Twitter before his Thursday’s morning comment that after screaming repeal and replace Obamacare for nearly seven years, McConnell failed to get it done.

Hours later, Trump calmed down his tone by exhorting McConnell to get back on his campaign to pass the bill.

The effects of the political brawls

Trump core supporters love such brawls, and the bashing of McConnell potentially levels up the president's support base at a time when he is receiving a low approval rating. However, some Republicans view Trump’s actions as counterproductive measures.

Following the failure of the Senate health care bill, McConnell and other GOP leaders with White House economic team say they are committed to moving forward with tax code overhaul with the aim of passing a massive tax cut before the end of the year. The Senate Majority Leader has clearly stated that he has no interest in revisiting the health care legislation.