Despite all odds, President Trump is far more popular than Congress. A poll carried out by SSRS indicates that both Republicans and Democrats in Congress are seen as failures by the majority of Americans. About 68 percent label the Republican dominated Congress a total failure following its inability to repeal and replace Obamacare.

The approval rating for Republican leaders in both chambers of Congress dropped sharply from about 39 percent in January to around 24 percent in August. Seven in 10 Americans disapprove of Republican leaders in the House of Representatives and in the Senate based on their performances so far.

However, Only 24 percent of Americans judge the Republican dominated Congress a huge success. President Trump pulled 38 percent approval by Americans in the poll.

Assessing Congress’ performance

The Hill reported that the poll suggests that Republicans themselves are evenly divided with 44 percent to 44 percent on whether the Republican-dominated congress has done well or failed so far. Also, about three-quarters of those who gave approval marks to Trump disapproved of Congress in the plurality of 76 percent to 48 percent. They say the GOP-dominated Congress has so far failed Americans.

Nevertheless, only one in three people, representing 34 percent, say the Democrats in Congress have been successful while six in 10, representing 59 percent, say they have failed Americans woefully.

Nearly three-quarters of the people disapprove the manner Congress has been conducting its business, and just 20 percent of Americans gave the approval marks. That figure is the same for both parties. Democrats appear to be more positive about the way their leaders in Congress have performed so far. Democratic-leaning independents gave their leaders in Congress a 50% pass mark while Republican-leaning independents say their leaders in Congress have performed below average with a 39 percent approval rating.

No major achievement by Congress

Congress is currently on its August recess without any major legislative achievement. Its failure to pass the health care overhaul bill largely contributed to its unpopularity.

However, 56 percent of Americans say Republicans need to work with their Democratic colleagues to alter necessary changes to the current health care law.

The rest are sharply divided on the issue; while one in five Americans say Republicans should stop in their determination to repeal and replace Obamacare, the same share also says Republicans should relent in their efforts to get the Obama law overhauled.