GOP senators are gradually turning their backs on President Trump. Though there was not a public break, the signs are all over the place that some senators are opposed to most of Trump's policies.

Obamacare repeal failure was largely due to some Republican senators’ opposition to the bill despite the President’s plea. They are rejecting his twitter request that they reconsider the bill which seeks to overhaul the Obama law. The GOP senators criticized the White House director of the budget; they passed a Russia sanctions bill that limits the President’s power to veto and they also defended Attorney General Jeff Sessions against the Trump’s attack.

Their actions against the President of their own party is so numerous which point in the direction of their check on the President.

Trump faces increasing opposition from GOP senators

It is even surprising to Trump for states in which he won overwhelmingly in last year’s Presidential Election. In less than six months to his controversial presidency and the below average approval rating, it is evident that Trump is not commanding the respect and support that he received prior to his assumption of office.

Some Republicans are still keeping grudges following his controversial emergence as their party’s nominee for the presidential election. However, it is quite clear that the loudest opposition is emanating from the Senate.

The reverse is the case in the House, where the majority of republicans are believed to represent conservative voices that are loyal to Trump. For those congressional Republicans, the fear of confronting a conservative main challenge is imminent, most likely orchestrated by aggressive followers of the President.

Public bashing of Trump by some senators

In one of the notable instance of public criticism of President Trump, were Arizona Senator Jeff Flake who bashed both Trump and his own party in a book he just launched. He described Trump as having seeming affection for tough men and authoritarians who are driving the US to dictatorship.

Flake’s criticism, to an extent, is striking since he is due to face re-election in 2018 midterm poll. The other vocal GOP Trump critic is Senator Dean Heller of Nevada who is also facing re-election next year. The remaining 50 Republican senators are mostly insulted as being too loyal to Trump, but for the time being, most of them will not be going to the poll for a couple of years.