The fight for the freedom of civilians in Mosul continues. Iraqi Forces took to the streets with the intention to create open routes for civilians trapped in Mosul’s Old City. The battle took place between rebellious Iraqi forces and the US-trained urban forces. The city is strategically important for the Iraqi Forces.

The victory over Mosul

According to a report by The New Arab, schools and market being opened in the city. The leaders of the Iraqi forces have declared the victory on Mosul last month during the eve of Eid. On the contrary, the government troops only seem to be prepping up for more damage.

They are reportedly working towards gathering pace after the state fighters allegedly bombed the 850-year-old al-Nuri mosque on last month. The destruction of such a holy property seems to be have given more freedom to the rebellious troops in the attack. This is suggested due to the fact that they no longer need to worry about damaging the ancient holy property.

850-year old mosque was destroyed

As Gulf Times noted, the allegedly destroyed ancient property was the al-Nuri mosque. Islamic State’s leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi had declared rule over this particular 850-year-old mosque approximately three years from today. The government officials are apparently being helped by a US-led international coalition.

The latter seems to be providing all the necessities including air and ground support in driving the rebellious militants off their grounds. The team plans on isolating the fighters in four different pockets of Old City. An Iraqi military spokesman reportedly told Reuters that their main goal is to open up ways for the civilians to evacuate in a speedy and safe way.

The report further goes on to suggest that over 100,000 civilians are trapped in the city between the battles of the two powers. More than half of these 100,000 civilians are children and women. Out of these, almost hundreds and hundreds of them have already succumbed to the ongoing war.

Organizations supporting the government’s decision claim that the fighters are using these innocent civilians as a shield against the approaching army.

The Iraq government had hoped to finish off the struggle taking place in Mosul back in 2016 itself. However, the campaign is still going strong and a peace truce seems far from taking place. Stay tuned for more news and updates on politics and technology.