The Big Ben is one of London's most iconic landmarks. The giant clock face and bell are defining parts of the British city. This iconic clock tower was first opened in 1859. Its bell has rung through almost every modern history event that you can think of. The bell rang throughout the First World War. Even the Blitz of the Second World War didn't stop the bell from chiming.

Now though? Repair work has stopped the bell from ringing. A £29 million renovation of the clock tower will silence the bell for the next four years. Needless to say, the people of London and of the world, are quite saddened by this fact.

When did the Big Ben bong for the last time?

The Big Ben rang for the last time on Monday at noon. A group of MP's and hundreds of other people gathered outside the clock tower to witness this event for the last time. The bell has to be silenced to ensure the safety of the workers involved with the renovation of the clock tower. According to the Guardian, workers would not be safe working next to the chiming 13-tonne bell.

There has been much complaint about the silencing of the grand bell. A compromise of sorts has been reached but further negotiations are still necessary. Thus far, it has been agreed that the bell will still chime for important occasions. It will, for example, still be heard on New Year's Day and Remembrance Sunday.

What do the people have to say about the matter?

Most people are rather upset about the silencing of the Big Ben. Several MP's have spoken out about the matter. According to Time, Theresa May completely disagrees with the silencing of the bell. May told the press that while she appreciated the importance of renovating the bell, it was "preposterous" for the chimes to remain silent until 2021.

Another MP, Shailesh Vara, has told the press that there must be some way that a compromise on the matter could be reached. Of course, no one wants to endanger the workers but London is not London without the Big Ben. MP Stephen Pound was seen with tears in his eyes as the bell rang for the last time on Monday. He told reporters that the final chime was the "sound of misery".

The Commons Commission has since issued a statement, according to Time. They have informed the public that their complaints about the matter have been noted and that the Commission is currently working on a solution. It is important that London upholds its grand traditions. Let us hope that the Big Ben still has many years of chiming ahead!