Has Taylor Swift ended her haters as identifying herself as the queen of snakes? In her previous albums she identified herself as the one who puts an end to male domination. But what does her recent cryptic video of a snake mean? This is without a doubt a teaser leaving fans in question and anticipation. Why has she been out of the spotlight? Has it been to work on a new album?

Timeless single

The good news is that twitter has shown fans and given them conclusive information about her latest single that is coming out.

To make things even more interesting, eagle-eyed Swifties spotted a preliminary genius page for a tune titled "Timeless." The plot thickens as her single will be called 'Timeless.' Lyrics of the single have not been released yet, which directs our minds yet again to anticipation.

Taylor giving it to her haters

Many fans on social media refer to her as a snake, while others embrace her nickname and aren't surprised at all. They are actually looking forward to hearing her new music. Is this like a Game of Thrones reference?

Taylor Swift's the new mother of dragons everybody.


Knowing Taylor Swift's ability to brilliantly create a catchy tune, many hope the song has hissing sounds sampled into it.

That would be authentic but also not surprising. Taylor Swift always has the ability to bring something interesting to her songs. Going from country to pop and then collaborating with artists like Kendrick Lamar, with her hit song 'Bad Blood.' We never know what to expect from her.

Who knows what the music video will bring once it is up on Youtube.

Let's get real people, many fans have been waiting for new Taylor Swift music since October 27th, 2014. Many are happy, free, confused and hyperventilating at the same time.

Time for a change?

Many can't wait for new Taylor Swift music. Is it time for her to change the entire sound of the industry again? 1989 massively changed the U.K. pop industry. Can't speak for the USA but the album turned the U.K. charts 80's mad. After the phenomenal album that was 1989 many can't wait to see what she's done this time. Taylor Swift trying to one up the Solar Eclipse is the most Taylor Swift moves of all time.

Many didn't care about the solar eclipse as they were more excited about the news with Taylor Swift.

Driving fans mad

So why is Taylor driving her fans mad with a cryptic video? It is all very confusing but whatever is going on, many peoples are are more than ready for some new songs. Give the people what they are craving Taylor!