Just hours after Donald Trump announced his "RAISE Act" to address immigration reform, a press briefing was held at the White House. Over the course of the briefing, Senior White House Adviser stephen miller took a variety of questions and clashed with multiple reporters, which didn't go over well across social media.

Miller time

When Donald Trump decided to run for office, it didn't take long before he clashed with the mainstream media. Ever since Trump's controversial remarks about illegal immigrants from Mexico being "murderers" and "rapists," the press and the former host of "The Apprentice" have been at odds.

Following Trump's upset win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton last November, many critics pointed to fake stories on the internet for the results of the election. After being accused of benefiting from phony stories, Trump went on to flip the script, claiming that any news outlet that dares to criticize him is just "fake news." In addition to Trump, the bad blood has poured over to members of the administration, which was evident when Stephen Miller engaged in heated debates with reporters on Wednesday afternoon. As seen across Twitter on August 2, Miller was quickly trending.

Stephen Miller took questions from reporters over a variety of issues, but quickly engaged in near shouting matches, including with Glenn Thrush of the New York Times, and Jim Acosta of CNN.

As a result, the internet had a field day with the controversial White House adviser.

"Stephen Miller looks like a demon breathed life into a bag of gonorrhea," Solomon Georgio tweeted out.

"(He) is what white nationalism looks like in 2017. It's not KKK rallies & hoods, it's well-spoken, educated bigots in suits," Britni Daniello added.

"Santa Monica native and duke grad, accusing people of elitism," Sam Stein pointed out.

"About time someone like Stephen Miller had the political genius to take on the very overrated Statue of Liberty, who everybody hates," James Poniewozik replied. "All the kids who picked on (him) in elementary school owe America an apology," Dan Pfeiffer tweeted.

Next up

As Stephen Miller and others in the White House continue to become the butt of a joke to millions of Americans across the country, Donald Trump and his team are still facing major issues and road blocks.

In addition to his attempt to pass immigration reform, Trump is also facing an uphill battle on rallying enough Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act, while also dealing with the Russian scandal that is growing by the day.