Ever since Kellyanne Conway was brought on board to join Donald Trump during his run for president, she's often found herself in controversial situations on cable news. During her latest run in with a cable news host, Conway was shot down once again.

Conway on Fox News

It was just last summer when Donald Trump was forced to make a major move with his presidential campaign. Paul Manafort, then Trump's campaign manager, was exposed for having financial ties to Russia and quickly resigned from his position once the news became public. In his place, the former host of "The Apprentice" brought in veteran Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway to fill the void.

Since then, Conway has transitioned into the role of presidential counsel, and has been a mainstay on cable news, typically being relegated to more conservative-friendly outlets like Fox News. While the hosts on Fox News have been accused of throwing softballs to members of the Trump administration, Conway was pressed on more than one occasion during a Sunday interview with Chris Wallace, as reported by Raw Story on July 30.

Joining Chris Wallace on Sunday was Kellyanne Conway who appeared to get under the skin of the Fox News host for deflecting from his questions that ranged from the potential reassignment of Jeff Sessions, to Obamacare, and the growing Russian scandal. "Kellyanne, you’ve got to allow me to ask some questions," Wallace finally said.

Chris Wallace then asked Kellyanne Conway if Donald Trump was considering moving Jeff Sessions from attorney general over to the new secretary of homeland security.

"That’s a personnel question that only the president can answer," Conway claimed, before oddly shifting the conversation to Trump's focus on cracking down on the MS-13 gangs.

“I understand that," Chris Wallace went on to say, before asking, "The question is, is he considering moving (Sessions) if the immigration part of this is so important?" "I won't comment on that," Conway replied in deflection once again.

As the conversation moved on, Conway attempted to shift to Obamacare, where Wallace once again chimed in. "Let’s not waste anymore time. Let’s talk about Obamacare," he noted. At this point, Conway gave yet another runaround much to the chagrin of the Fox News host.

Moving forward

As Donald Trump and his team do whatever is in their power to shift focus away from the scandals, dissension, and trouble in the White House, enough information has leaked to the public to be more than obvious to the American people. After just seven months in the White House, Trump is now holding on to just a 35 percent approval rating, with numbers that don't look to be improving anytime soon.