On Wednesday, two people were missing after the gas pipeline exploded in the Minnehaha Academy, Minneapolis and the part of the building fell down, reported by CNN. Previously, it was reported that three people were missing but later, one was found with injuries. Five injured people were taken to the hospital.

What happened in an academy?

Bryan Tyne (Assistant Fire Chief ) said that the fire workers were searching the people who were missing or maybe trapped in the collapsed building debris. It is still unknown that there were children or adults in the missing people.

All the teachers and students who were present for summer programs were saved.

According to the fire department of Minneapolis, the collapsed building was a Christain school which provides education from pre-KG to 12th grade. Initially, the department said that one person died in a collapse but later they tweeted that death was unconfirmed.

A staff member of the school, Sara Jacobson said that dozens of the student were in the upper portion of the school but they all are safe. According to a statement of the Minnehaha Academy, “there was a gas leak and explosion at the Upper School.”

Eye witnesses' statement

According to Bryan, the reason of explosion may have been due to the broken gas pipeline.

The investigation is still going on. The school said on its Facebook page that only upper portion of the building was affected and it was reported by the school's staff that they heard a very loud noise and felt the movement of the building.

One of the witnesses, Tramor Vanleer said that he was with 5 girls in the gym when the explosion occurred.

He said, "It sounded like a large door shutting and there was some debris that fell from the ceiling, so we just got out as fast as possible." He also added that the sound of an explosion was very bad inside the gym but when he came outside it was worse, according to the Fox 9.

Another witness, Jack Mahler told WCCO that he was playing soccer near the building when he heard the two men who were shouting "gas!".

Suddenly, a huge explosion happened and he fell down.

The governor of the Minnesota Mark Dayton said that his office contacted the public safety department of Minnesota and the state will help all the people who were impacted by the explosion. He also thanked firefighters, law enforcement and the paramedics who took the incident under control and ensured the safety of the students, adults, and neighbors.