Enthusiasts of space exploration will really love the documentary about the discoveries of the space Voyager. After witnessing the eclipse on Monday, another space-related entertainment will surely captivate fans of space travel. PBS will air a new mind-blowing documentary about the 1977 Voyager missions.

The space Voyagers were able to fulfill man’s desire to visit Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter. And after decades, these space voyagers remain robust, with one Voyager leaving the solar system in 2012. The documentary will give viewers a literally out-of-this-world experience, a behind-the-scenes look at the space ships, and a look at how NASA scientists and engineers built the well-known ‘golden record’ which carries a snapshot for mankind for any potential extraterrestrial life form.

Where is the space Voyager now?

Space Voyager 2 marked its forty years in space exploration on August 20, 2017, since its launch in 1977. NASA sent the spaceship, along with Voyager 1, to gather data about enormous planets outside of our solar system. During its journey, space Voyager 2 was the first craft to observe Neptune and Uranus, recording hugely significant data about the said planets.

On top of NASA’s objective which is to collect data about space, Voyager 2 was on an important mission: to make contact with possible extraterrestrial life form. The craft carried a copy of the Golden Record (a compendium of 116 images as well as various audio recordings) deliberately chosen to represent human life on Earth.

The recordings would represent mankind if extraterrestrial beings will find the craft.

Aside from its new discoveries and the intrigue, it brings about extraterrestrial beings, what is truly magnificent about the space Voyager 2 is the ‘off-the-grid’ distance it has amazingly traveled: approximately 11 billion miles. Known to be the farthest human-made object from Earth, Voyager 2 (just like Voyager 1) is in fact on a one-way exploration into the unthinkable and unknown depths of interstellar space.

Fans may check out the space Voyager on NASA website

Space exploration enthusiasts can be able to keep track on the accurate distance of both Voyager spacecrafts. It offers a real-time counter. This is contrary to what most people believe in that it is difficult to grasp the enormity of the distance the crafts have traveled.

A video was made to replicate the distance Voyager 2 has traveled on a human scale. This is created purposely to visualize the staggering length of the Spacecraft’s journey.