Andrew Warren, a senior treasury assistant at Somerville College, University of Oxford, and Professor Wyndham Lathem, a Northwestern University professor, have surrendered themselves to the police. This comes after the two men stabbed a Chicago man to death on Friday the 27th of July. Following the murder, the men fled and so began a nationwide, week-long manhunt for the two.

The murder and the manhunt

The men have been accused of brutally stabbing the 26-year-old, Trenton Cornell-Duranleau to death in Lathem's apartment on Thursday the 27th of July.

Cornell-Duranleau, a hair stylist from Michigan, was living in Chicago. On the night of the murder, the front desk of Lathem's apartment building in the River North neighborhood received an anonymous call saying that a crime had been committed in Lathem's apartment on the tenth floor. When the police arrived on the scene, they found Cornell-Duranleau's body, with multiple stab wounds. The police told the media that the attack had been so brutal that the knife had broken, according to the New York Post.

In a strange turn of events, Warren and Lathem fled the scene following the murder and drove 80 miles north to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, according to NBC News. In Lake Geneva, they made a $1000 cash donation to the public library in Cornell-Duranleau's name.

While this was happening, the Chicago police launched a nationwide manhunt for the two.

The aftermath

Warren and Lathem managed to stay below the radar for over a week. At one point Lathem sent his friends and family and video telling them that the crime was the worst decision of his life. In the meantime, the University Of Oxford was sending Warren correspondence, urging him to turn himself in and deal with the consequences, according to the Independent.

This Friday both men did just this, turning themselves in separately. Lathem was immediately placed in Alameda County Jail while Warren went to San Francisco County Jail. The police have said that they will be interrogating the men and that they will release more information as soon as they know it.

The men will be attending separate court hearings.

In a police statement, it was said that "Both individuals will be held accountable for their actions and we hope today's arrest brings some comfort for the victim's family." At this point there is no mention of motive and little is known about the homicide. We do however know that this is a tragic story and it is good to know that justice will be served.