The re-shifting of the Trump administration's communications team over the past few weeks seems to have settled with the addition of John Kelly as the new Chief Of Staff and his firing of Anthony Scaramucci. In late July, just ten days before he was fired; many predicted the development of a more incendiary White House with the addition of Scaramucci as the new communications director.

Scaramucci's presence on his first day at the White House was so hostile for some of the senior staff that it triggered the resignation of Press Secretary Sean Spicer and the firing of the then-Chief of Staff Reince Priebus on the following week.

The same week Scaramucci had joined, President Trump's legal defense team lost Mark Corallo but also gained a new lawyer to lead that defense team Ty Cobb.

Recalling Reince and Spicer's 'last' day

On the same day after his resignation, Priebus appeared in an interview on CNN with Wolf Blitzer where he attempted to be diplomatic about his own firing. Here is the CNN interview with Reince Priebus.

Priebus was diplomatic about his firing during the interview despite reports that he and Scaramucci have had a hostile relationship. This was also the case with Sean Spicer, who looked as if he had left the White House immediately before Anthony Scaramucci's first press briefing. Unlike Priebus and despite the reports that Spicer said he would leave to give Anthony Scaramucci a clean slate, Spicer had reportedly stayed on.

The former Press Secretary was originally supposed to stay on to help Scaramucci transition in his new role. That Spicer at least stayed to tie up some loose ends for five days after Scaramucci was fired shows that even he outlasted "the Mooch," Anthony Scaramucci's nickname for himself.

Kelly fires 'the Mooch'

Almost immediately following Scaramucci's first appearance, President Trump replaced Priebus with his Homeland Security secretary John Kelly, which is largely seen as the most professional decision Trump has made for his administration in the six months he's been President.

Over the last week of July, Scaramucci gave Americans a profane preview of his "street fighting" style in an interview he gave to The New Yorker, setting the tone of what a White House with "the Mooch" could look like. According to White House officials, John Kelly had Scaramucci come to his office where he fired him on his first day as White House Chief off Staff.

The changes to the White House staff were seen not only as an improvement to the chaotic Trump administration but also to the changes in the connection between Trump's White House and the Republican Party through Priebus. Priebus was seen as the connection to the conservative party, as he was chairman of the Republican National Committee prior to joining the Trump administration. John Kelly's military background was seen as a way to bring structure to the White House which was confirmed when Republicans on the hill publicly demanded that he do so in his new role.

Strengthening National Security Council

Months before Kelly, Trump's National Security Council (NSC) went through a re-shift as well when Gen.

H.R. McMaster replaced Gen. Michael Flynn as national security adviser. With McMaster in place, another controversial figure, Chief Strategist Steven Bannon was demoted, and, therefore, McMaster was able to bring in his own recommendations without rejection. This in turn restored the NSC to its proper order where they would better be able to address national security issues. As a clear indication that John Kelly's addition would restore that, he demanded that Gen. McMaster be better respected, had Ezra Cohen-Watnick fired and assured Attorney General Jeff Sessions that he would not be fired by President Trump.

John Kelly against Trump chaos

But many should be disappointed if John Kelly isn't able to bring that kind of order to a President who has broadened direct access to him for everyone else.

Much like the role Trump has given his son-in-law Jared Kushner, it's a wonder why he even has a Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. Tillerson had reportedly expressed his frustration with the administration for not allowing him the ability to make his own hiring decisions. One White House official said at the time that only those who expressed loyalty to the President would be considered. Under those conditions, no matter what John Kelly does, it's still as an official said, Trump's White House.