Trump Tweeted his condolences to the people of Spain following the August 17 terrorist attack in Barcelona--a tragedy that has left thirteen dead and more than one hundred injured. The president then decided to Tweet a debunked story. Donald Trump stated in a Tweet, "Study what General Pershing of the United States did to terrorists when caught. There was no more Radical Islamic Terror for 35 years!" This Tweet is one of the several Tweets and comments that Trump has made in recent days that have drawn the ire of the public.

Republicans and Democrats express concern about the President's ability to lead

The problem is two-fold. First, this recent Tweet refers to an urban myth, one in which General Pershing dips bullets in pig's blood. Then, he orders his men to load their rifles with the bloody bullets, line-up Islamic POWs, and shoot 49 of the 50 men.

The story ends with one remaining "terrorist" ordered by General Pershing to go back and tell others what Pershing did. As a result, Trump pointed out; there were no terrorist incidents for thirty-five years. While the story is not true, Trump continues to recite the myth as if it were a fact - or at least a useful antidote.

Second, many in the political arena claim that instead of making The United States appear strong, Trump's story causes The United States to be seen as weak, leading many to wonder why he continues to tell the crude urban myth. The concern is that recycling a gruesome myth is not a productive way to express strength today. Additionally, the story, even if true, refers to a war crime.

To kill 49 POWs is a mark of shame, not a show of American strength.

Senator Bob Corker questions if Trump understands the character of this nation

In any event, Trump's Tweets prompted Republican Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee to express concerns. Asking whether the President knows the character of this nation. The Senator wonders if this indicates a "loss of moral clarity." He went on to urge the President to engage in "self-reflection." Others in today's political arena expressed similar view points. The question, some politicians are beginning to ask, is the President isolating himself with his Tweets? Others say they feel Trump is acting like a bully, behavior that has no place in the White House. Democratic Senator Ben Cardin pointed-out, "Trump is dividing us." The question for Americans is, how will Trump respond to their concerns?