President Donald trump was greeted by thousands of protesters and tight security when he arrived home at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue Monday. This visit is the first time Trump has been home since his inauguration. The police kept protesters at bay across the street from the president's home in New York City. Nonetheless, considering they lined blocks and held signs with messages such as, "impeach," ''love, not hate—that's what makes America great" and "New York hates you!". It is hard to imagine that the protester's brouhaha went unnoticed by the President.

Trump Tweets

Meanwhile, as Trump's voracious Twitter habit got underway, Trump Retweeted a cartoon of a CNN reporter being ploughed-down by a train, with the Trump logo on the side of the train. Many were appalled by the 7 a.m. Tweet. Even the Trump White House recognized its insensitivity and the Tweet was removed. It is hard to imagine what went through the President's thoughts when he decided to retweet the offensive Tweet. Did it not occur to him how his actions would rub salt in fresh wounds?

What is even more alarming, is the news that there will be a slew of white nationalist rallies this weekend. The "March on Google" will happen in nine cities. The reason for the focus on Google is to support fired Google employee James Damore.

Damore wrote, what Google felt was a divisive memo, about its diversity policies. As far as Damore is concerned, he states he will "likely not" attend any one of the rallies and that he does not want to support the "alt-right."

The cities that are bolstering the provocative rallies this weekend are Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Los Angeles, Mountain Park, New York, Pittsburgh, Seattle, and Washington DC.

Additionally, there are similar rallies scheduled for the weekend of August 26th in San Francisco. The news of the intended demonstrations prompted San Francisco Mayor, Edwin Lee, to express concern. He clearly would rather not have the rallies in his city. Lee stated, "I ask that when they chant of hate, San Francisco chants of love.

When they talk of despair, San Francisco talks about hope."

Accordingly, as the catch tag states on Trump's Retweet “Fake news can’t stop the Trump train.” All news, fake or not, does not seem to be able to halt the divide that has swept across America since Trump was elected to the White House last November. On the contrary, there is a sinking feeling creeping across our country; one where what divides us is getting deeper. A gap our President continually makes more profound.